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Iceman to Dark Knight at Silverstone

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Lotus F1 team is delighted to announce that it will join forces with The Dark Knight Rises – the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight motion picture trilogy – this weekend at Silverstone for the 2012 British Grand Prix.

To celebrate the partnership between Lotus F1 Team and The Dark Knight Rises at this weekends’ British Grand Prix both E20s – in addition to the team’s garage, driver helmets and overalls – will feature the film’s iconic logo throughout the Grand Prix weekend. The legendary Tumbler vehicle will also be performing an on-track display with the Lotus F1 Team car and drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean.

The display will take place on Thursday 5th July at 12pm on track at Silverstone (start/finish line) for Formula 1 accredited media, followed by a brief Q&A and photo call with both drivers, including the legendary motorcycle from the Dark Knight films, the Bat-Pod. For the remainder of the weekend, the Tumbler will be on show at the Sky display stand in the grounds of Silverstone.

Eric Boullier, Lotus F1 Team, Team Principal:
“This season we have been the dark horses in the championship fight, so this partnership with The Dark Knight Rises is a fantastic match. Our car, the E20, looks superb with the Batman branding and we are looking forward to seeing the reaction of our numerous fans when it takes to the Silverstone circuit this weekend. We are certainly hoping for an epic conclusion for The Dark Knight Rises E20 in the Grand Prix.”

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peak at the new movie, which will be released in UK cinemas from July 20th 2012:


Ask Kimi and Romain! [European GP]


Over the course of the European Grand Prix weekend, Lotus F1 Team invited fans to ask their questions to Kimi and Romain via the official team website. Below are Kimi’s answers to the best queries we received…

Niina Raivisto: Kimi, how many languages can you speak?

KR: Just two, Finnish and English.

Jack Emery: Kimi and Romain, seeing as there aren’t Grands Prix in your home countries, is there a particular circuit you see as your home race?

KR: Hungary is the race where you see more Finnish flags than anywhere else so I guess there. I have won there as well, and it felt very good to see so many Finns so happy.

RG: Monaco felt almost like a home race, and I would say Canada as well as everyone speaks French. Belgium is obviously very close to France, and of course Silverstone is the home Grand Prix for the team. We’re all part of a team, so for me that will be the real home race.

John Murphy: Kimi and Romain, if you could pick anywhere in the world to stage a race where would it be and why?

KR: Somewhere in Finland. I’ve raced three times in the Rally of Finland, and you can’t beat that kind feeling you get from a real home race.

RG: There are a lot of ideas being suggested at the moment which sounds very exciting, so we’ll wait and see! Of course for me any race in France would be a great chance to see the fans in my come country.

Kimi – the comeback king?

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Kimi Raikkonen proved all his critics wrong with his comeback. Motorsport asked F1 experts what makes the Iceman so good?

The comeback of Kimi Raikkonen seems to have been the right choice …

Damon Hill: Absolutely, it’s good he’s back in Formula 1.

Marc Surer: In any case, he also was never gone. He drove two years rally and was always active – that is why he is still in top form.

Jackie Stewart: He made a brilliant comeback. He is an incredibly talented driver. It’s as if he had never been away.

Danner: I said at the beginning of the year that I do not think Kimi will manage. So I really have to admit: I was wrong. Kimi is fully on it. He copes perfectly with all the modern realities, cars without fuel stops, Pirelli tires. His performance is just awesome, great.

Johnny Herbert: It was sad when he left the F1 and I’m glad he’s back. I like Kimi, especially the way he pushes and gets the most out of the car. He doesn’t like all the stuff with the media, but he is not the only one. But he shows it more than others. A comeback is not easy, but he made it in no time, to drive at the top again. He is competitive and has settled in well.

Why Raikkonen was successful after returning faster than Michael Schumacher?

Danner: Kimi has to rely a bit more on his talent, Schumacher works more. The relaxed way like Kimi addressed it, is perhaps more the path to success, than to try to achieve something by force.

Marc Surer: He is also younger, which certainly helps with it.

Johnny Herbert: He is much younger than Michael, and he still feels the hunger. That Michael does as well, but he is in a different situation than Kimi. The younger generation has taken over the helm and Kimi is still more in this category in terms of competitiveness than Michael. I think Kimi will have more success than Michael.

Raikkonen doesn’t change, he is as he is. Is that his strength?

Marc Surer: He’s not a superstar, but he is extremely well received by the audience. He has an incredible number of fans and everybody likes him.

Danner: It’s so crazy what he does sometimes. Sometimes he doesn’t come at all. It is unbelievable. But that is Kimi, he is like that. I do not blame him. He brings his performance in this way – not different. If you really restrict him he loses his freedom and that is one of the guarantees that he is so fast. And he really is very fast.

Damon Hill: He does his own thing. He is not interested in the circus around him, it is only the driving. He lets his performance on the track speak for itselves.

Johnny Herbert: Especially important for Kimi is that he is very happy in the team. Lotus gives him confidence, without confidence you can not get into the car and do a good job.

What else are its strengths?

Marc Surer: speed and talent, absolutely. He drives, focuses on his work and isn’t in F1 because of the glamour. I do believe that he can still win in 2012.

Danner: He is surely capable of one, two wins.

Damon Hill: It was a risk to go to Lotus, but it paid off for both sides. Kimi has immense talent and experience. And he is still young. I only started with 33 years in F1. Early 30s is a good age for a racer, so it’s for him a very good time to be back in F1. I expect more action from him. A victory is difficult, but possible.

Jackie Stewart: He has a clear head, he knows what he’s doing. Michael took nearly a year in order to get reasonably at the top. Kimi came back and was immidiately there. They are two different personalities. Kimi is a true racer, Michael is not and never was. He had a good car and a good team and drove well. But for Kimi there is more heart and soul in it. I think Kimi is capable of quite a lot.