Ask Kimi! – Part 2


Over the course of the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, Lotus F1 Team invited fans to ask their questions to Kimi via the official team website. Part 2 sees the Finn answer the second half of the best queries we received, including his thoughts on caps, sunglasses, social media, Sebastian Vettel and taking risks to win…

Essi Kimi:
 Why do you always wear a cap and sunglasses, even when there is no sun?

KR: I like caps and I like sunglasses. I have very sensitive eyes so I have to protect them with the sunglasses.

Noémi Kovács: Have you ever got something special from your fans?

KR: I receive a lot of gifts from fans… they can be really inventive and it makes me smile. They remember my birthday, they send their congratulations and their supporting slogans in Finnish. That’s something special, isn’t it?

Prakasita Nindyaswari:
 Why you don’t have a twitter account?

KR: Well, I don’t really like twitter… or facebook. I prefer privacy.

Cindy Idier: 
What will be your revenge against Sebastian Vettel after what he did on the podium? Did you see the pictures?

KR: Yeah I saw that, it was funny. The revenge will come soon enough, I hope! Getting on the first step of the podium would be a good start.

Lisa Munro: 
Who’s better at badminton, you or Sebastian Vettel?

KR: I keep on winning! It’s something like 100 to 0 so far…

Steve Jones:
 What is your favourite activity outside of Formula 1?

KR: I like a lot of things… all kinds of sports and games where there is an element of competition. Ice Hockey is my current favourite while it’s still time for winter sports.

Anastasia Kozlova: 
What would you choose: a guaranteed 2nd place (which definitely brings you a Constructor’s Title) or a risky strategy with a 10% chance for 1st place? (Let’s say the race is taking place at Spa)

KR: I think it’s more exciting if you have to battle and take some risks to obtain the top spot. I’m here to win!

Oszter Tamás
: What situation makes you nervous on the race track?

KR: If somebody is doing something really stupid. But luckily right now the grid is very talented!

Divine Y. Lopez: You’re always so calm and collected. How do you do manage that being involved in a sports that’s, to my mind, frequently tension-filled and highly stressful?

KR: I just focus on racing and don’t let other things bother me. I have been in racing for two thirds of my life now; you just get used to being in this environment.

Sarah Moreau: Can you explain why you always perform so well at Spa?

KR: I really like the track so I guess that helps. I’m looking forward to racing there again and hopefully come home with a good result for the team.

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