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Photos: Second ice age begins at Bahrain GP

KRS went crazy yesterday and the Skydrive archive went bust as a result. But fear not, here are all the pictures from Sunday including racing action. If you want the full weekend gallery, click here (may not work at times due to problem fixing)

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RTL fun interview with Vettel and Raikkonen

During the Bahrain Grand Prix build-up, German F1 broadcaster RTL aired an interview with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, which took place at Chinese GP.


Transcript (courtesy of whenshesayshush)

So, to warm-up first the puzzle Championship, Vettel kicks off like a star pupil and waits and waits, Räikkönen can do anything, except make puzzles. With Finnish forest tranquillity he needs endless time, 1-0 for Vettel.

Kimi: “I haven’t seen him for so long.”

Seb: “He’s honest, he has always been honest, very straight-forward, generally you make a lot of experiences in Formula One with people, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and yeah, honestly I think it’s a very very good quality to have, at least it’s one that I’m looking out for a lot. And he’s honest and, yeah, he’s a nice guy, so…”

Kimi: “Since he has two world titles he annoys me, I have to pause him. No, for me it’s the same, he’s nice, doesn’t talk bullshit, no different from last time we spoke.”

And both love action, especially Kimi, higher, faster, further, crazier. Vettel likes this full throttle Finn. Everything, just not normal.

Kimi: “I mean I wouldn’t do it if I wouldn’t like it, I mean uh, I like to do it, the faster the better, sometimes it goes right, sometimes not, but that’s life.”

Rocker Räikkönen with tattoos on both arms. For Vettel still unthinkable.

Seb: “Yeah, I think you don’t have to be crazy to get yourself a tattoo (…) but it’s a question of taste, I have none, maybe I will have one or more one day, maybe not.”

Which monkey is Kimi, he likes to drink a good drop, expeditions into the animal kingdom and Vettel of course still sober, doesn’t like being a (…).

Kimi: “People have always guessed which one I am, I’m the black one actually, so. The journalists always thought I was the brown one. And you, you like horses, you can ride one of mine.”

Seb: “Of you they show all the cool images and of me just the stupid horse on my head!”

And Seb likes Finns, his trainer Heikki, his predecessor Tommi, on his side for years, and of course this World Champion Räikkönen.

Kimi: “You like them more than I do.”

Seb: “This is the Finns that I know and I like them, so, I don’t know if it’s all the Finns like that, but I like the culture, people are, again, honest, straight-forward, maybe they do not talk as much as people, but I thinks it’s a good thing if you’re honest (…) yeah, sometimes there’s a lot of talk, people talk a lot but they don’t act, and Finnish people seem to act rather than talk.”

(Seb speaking Finnish)

Kimi: “I’ve never seen that, you speak well. Too well. I told you, I have to be careful now, when I insult you you understand everything.”

And a brilliant imitator.

Kimi: “So I was the winner eh? I watched it.”

Seb: “It’s not so easy with you, you speak very seriously, but then you keep a straight face, I can’t stop laughing.”

Kimi: “Somebody thought that I was there.”

And Räikkönen is also worth seeing as video-star.

Seb: “What are they singing?”

Kimi: “Just about…”

Seb: “Kimi is a great guy…”

Kimi: “No no no, it’s about a crash-pilot who keeps crashing cars.”

Seb: “Ha.”

Does the end game stay Vettel 1-0, but then Räikkönen’s counter, loosely in Vettel’s defence: 1-1. Next goal is deciding, Vettel…2-1. Winner again.

Kimi: “Congratulations. Perfect start of the weekend.”

Two World Champions who simply like each other.

Lotus: Raikkonen’s pace expected


Kimi Raikkonen’s performance in the Bahrain Grand Prix is exactly what Lotus was expecting of the Finn this year, according to team owner Gerard Lopez.

Although some questioned the wisdom of the Enstone-based team luring Raikkonen back to F1 after two years away from the sport, Lopez insists that he never had doubts the former world champion would deliver.

“I remember not being happy about the interview where people kept on coming back to saying it’s a gamble,” Lopez told AUTOSPORT. “The guy’s a world champion: he’s not old, he’s fit and he’s motivated.

“I’ve seen him before at teams and I’ve never seen him this way before in terms of his work patterns and his behaviour. So I honestly think he is where he has to be, where he thought he would be and where he expects to be.

“He has always been a natural, and you don’t lose that. If you’ve got the speed you’ve got the speed.

“I could see that he was fit, so we had high hopes that he would deliver, and I think this is confirmation of that choice.”

Lopez is also confident that Lotus has the potential to keep up the rate of development that will be needed to keep itself in contention for victory over the remainder of the season.

“Not many people realise that last year we had as many development packages as Red Bull did, it is just that ours didn’t work,” he said. “The year before they all worked but the starting car wasn’t that good.

“I remember seeing an article that we were the second most improved team of the season, so this year with a good car and developments that will hopefully work we hope to be able to put up a good fight.”