2009 Grand Prix of Hungary: Kimi Takes Second Place

https://i0.wp.com/img196.imageshack.us/img196/5029/krsevenstarsmall3.png Sunday Race Day – Hamilton Wins For McLaren, Kimi 2nd, Webber 3rd
Full race report can be read here  |
Hungary GP Photo Album

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Pos Driver Team Time
1. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1h38:23.876
2. Raikkonen Ferrari (B) + 11.529
3. Webber Red Bull-Renault (B) + 16.886
4. Rosberg Williams-Toyota (B) + 26.967
5. Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes (B) + 34.392
6. Glock Toyota (B) + 35.237
7. Button Brawn-Mercedes (B) + 55.088
8. Trulli Toyota (B) + 1:08.172
9. Nakajima Williams-Toyota (B) + 1:08.774
10. Barrichello Brawn-Mercedes (B) + 1:09.256
11. Heidfeld BMW Sauber (B) + 1:10.612
12. Piquet Renault (B) + 1:11.512
13. Kubica BMW Sauber (B) + 1:14.046
14. Fisichella Force India-Mercedes (B) + 1 lap
15. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) + 1 lap
16. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) + 1 lap

Fastest lap: Webber, 1:21.931

Not classified/retirements:

Driver Team On lap
Vettel Red Bull-Renault (B) 30
Alonso Renault (B) 16
Sutil Force India-Mercedes (B) 2
Massa Ferrari (B) DNS

https://i0.wp.com/img196.imageshack.us/img196/5029/krsevenstarsmall3.pngNews & Quotes:
Massa remains stable following surgery
Brawn: Safety action must be balanced
Massa to remain in coma for 48 hours
Hamilton hails McLaren’s recovery
Vettel blames Raikkonen for DNF
Renault, Red Bull summoned by stewards
Renault suspended from European GP
FOM explains qualifying timing problem
No action taken on Raikkonen incident

Ferrari Team Quotes – Kimi Raikkonen – 2nd: "Today’s result is very important for the team in such a difficult
weekend because of what happened to Felipe yesterday. I am pleased with
second place, even if it is not completely satisfying as I always race
to win. On this type of track, we are certainly closer to the best than
at other circuits and today, honestly we were actually even closer than
we had expected to be. I got a good start, ending up fourth after the
first few corners. We knew it would be crucial to make up places at the
start to be in with a chance of fighting for the podium. After the
first pit stop we began to have problems with the right hand exhaust
and so, at the second stop, the team asked to leave using a different
procedure to usual. It lost me a bit of time but I still had a
reasonable advantage over Webber so I could manage the situation.
Today, the car wasn’t bad, but it was not quick enough to go for the

Stefano Domenicali: "We dedicate this result to
Felipe: at this time, all our thoughts are with him and his family and
I think this sentiment also applies to those who are close to him and
to fans all over the world. Kimi drove a great race and the team worked
in impeccable fashion, concentrating on the job despite what happened
yesterday. We got the best result we were capable of. Please allow me
on behalf of everyone at Ferrari to send our best wishes to Felipe. We
love you and we are all thinking of you."

Chris Dyer: "A super result on a difficult weekend
for the whole team. Kimi drove a great race, starting with a really
fantastic opening lap, followed by a very good second stint on the
softer tyres. In between those phases, the team pulled off a great pit
stop to put Kimi ahead of Webber. We were a bit worried about a problem
with an exhaust and so we told the driver to be very careful at the
second pit stop. We lost a bit of time and then in the final part, we
had to deal with a fast closing Webber, who was very quick, but all the
same, we managed to respond well enough to comfortably manage the
situation to the finish."

Kimi speaking to BBC: "It has been pretty difficult this weekend with Felipe’s accident, so second place is a good result for us but we would’ve liked to win but we didn’t have the speed. We’ve had new parts this weekend, this circuit is also similar to Monaco and our car suits this kind of circuit, but we keep pushing to get ourselves in the front and hopefully Felipe gets well soon so we can fight together and keep pushing."

Post-race press conferenceQ. Kimi, it’s been a long time since we had a McLaren versus Ferrari at the front. Tell us about your race?

Kimi RAIKKONEN: We got a very good start. That definitely
helped. We knew before the race we needed to gain some places at the
start to be able to fight for the podium. I was only fourth after the
first few corners behind Lewis and then he overtook Mark and I could
follow Mark and we went at the same time for the first pit stop. Then I
don’t know if he had some issues or not and I got past him at the pit
stop. After that really I was just driving my own race, trying to catch
Lewis. I thought I had the speed for that at one point but then
suddenly he started to go the same speed and then a little bit faster.
The gap more or less stayed the same the whole time. Then I had some
issues on the last pit stop and that didn’t help either but we had a
good race. We knew that it would be difficult to challenge for the win
right now. We were probably closer than we expected, so even with not
such an easy weekend for the team, but we have got some good results,
so hopefully that is something we can keep going like this and it is
something positive at least this weekend for the team.

Q. Kimi, tell us about the moves you made at the start which came
up on the board that will be investigated after the race. How did you
see it?

KR: I don’t know about the whole thing, so if you can tell me what it’s about that would be nice.

Q. Off the start line into the first corner and the incident with Vettel?

KR: I haven’t even noticed if I touched somebody. I was
in-between, I think, Mark and somebody else but I don’t know what is
going on. That is the first time when you told me but I didn’t feel any
touching or anything, so I cannot comment on that.

Q. Kimi, first of all you were nearly hit by Mark Webber at the first pit stop; did you see him coming out?

KR: Yeah, I saw when he came out. I took a little bit more
space on the left hand side, so I was pretty sure that they would tell
him that I was coming. I don’t know how close it was but I saw him and
I gave him all the space that I could.

Q. What about your own second stop, you seemed to lose time there?

KR: Yeah, we probably had some problem, and we needed to do a
manual pull-away and then it went on to anti-stall, so it was a bit
confusing but I just took it easy because I knew that we had enough
time from behind, we were not in a hurry, so it took much longer than
it should. It’s always a bit difficult if you cannot make a normal
proper pit stop with a proper start. When you try to make a manual pull
away it can easily go to anti-stall, so that was the issue today.

Q. And generally speaking, how was the car?

KR: It was OK, nothing special. We had some issues in a few
places, we knew that before. They had been there almost the whole
weekend. We were a bit limited by what we could do this weekend.
Overall, we still had good speed but I think we could have had better
speed. It’s nice to be second, for the team and for all the people who
have put in a lot of effort and it hasn’t been an easy year or an easy
weekend with Felipe’s accident yesterday but we need to be happy. We
knew that our car was probably not the fastest one but we still got a
good result, good points. It was good but not exactly what we wanted.
You are never going to be happy unless you’re in first place, Hopefully
we can keep up this kind of speed and try to get good podium finishes
and hopefully get at least one win this year.

26 thoughts on “2009 Grand Prix of Hungary: Kimi Takes Second Place

  1. 🙂 Great performance from Kimi, and will definitely give the team some cheer after an otherwise traumatic weekend. Hope the stewards will be sensible and not penalise him though – it was just a racing incident. Also, good to hear that Felipe is all clear – here’s wishing him a quick recovery.


  2. I am soooooooo happy! 🙂 Well for Kimi!! Too bad for Sebi. I red his comment about the crash, now I haven’t seen it again but it didn’t look that severe to me. I don’t really like the tittle of the article, although he does blame Kimi a bit. I don’t think Kimi could have gone somewhere else but the images aren’t fresh in my memory so i don’t knowI was a bit scared towards the end, he seemed to be fighting with his car and then with Glock so close… But he made it and Ferrari are 3 in the constructor standings 🙂 hope they stay thereNow i don’t know about you guys but what I did find annoying is how much they showed Nicole. Woman really needs to grow, she’s not the brightest is she? but then ignorance is bliss lol


  3. Well done Kimi! Brilliant start and drive to the finish. I honestly dun think he should be penalised for the incident though, he had no choice but to run wide to avoid a collison. Still, a fabulous result for Kimi and the team, hopefully it will raise some dampened spirits!


  4. @ Lena – lol, yes, she irriated me no end! Taking up precious Kimi screen time too!! It was really good to see him on the podium again though and at the press con. Have been missing the Kimi-speak! 🙂


  5. Hear, hear. Good job, Kimi! Just what we’ve been wanting to see..although fingers crossed for Kimi on the stewards’ investigation. It looks very much like a racing incident and even Martin Brundle commented that Kimi was basically trying to avoid contact from Mark Webber and being squeezed on the inside. I’m sure Vettel’s been told by the team to blame Kimi to aid his cause in the investigation. Good to see Kimi back on the podium after Massa’s freaky crash.


  6. Great race from Kimi !!! I am really happy about the result given what happened with Massa, the team must be happy despite the circumstances . Kimi started really well too ! I was jumping up and down the whole time !! 😉 I hope kimi won’t be penalized because I also think the incident with vettel was not so important, it’s just a race incident, it happens… I agree with lena about the fact that every time they showed Nicole, it was a little annoying, indeed. Now, we have to hope that Ferrari and of course, kimi, will do even better in valencia !!


  7. Congrats guys! I’m happy too! And a big pat on the back to Kimi – I’m sure the team will be a bit more comforted to have a good result after such an upsetting accident for Felipe. Best wishes to him to recover ASAP!To be honest, I wanted Kimi to win, because I knew he could easily manage 2nd place so I’m not surprised with his result. He is a very talented driver and the fact that he had only the 7th fastest lap of the race and still came 2nd is amazing. But we all knew he was amazing right? :PHis race could’ve been smoother, he had a dodgy final pitstop and the Ferrari just didn’t have the overall pace to match the McLaren. If Kimi gets any criticism today for not winning, then the criticisers need to look at Hamilton – it’s so obvious that he was able to win because the CAR allowed him to. Hamilton has had a crap start to the season because of the CAR, not himself. Same goes for Kimi. But that gets ignored because he is driving for FERRARI. It took Alonso nearly 2 YEARS to get pole position, but no one ever questioned his motivation or ability to improve his situation and car because it’s a Renault! So I just hope everyone shuts their damn mouths about Kimi. I’m glad the BBC have been honest and commended Kimi for his performance today.The start of the race was brilliant! Kimi nudged Hammie – haha. But notice even how gentlemanly Kimi acted. I don’t know why Vettel thinks his DNF was caused by Kimi. I watched Vettels onboard from the start three times already on the red button (BBC) and Kimi didn’t even pat Vettels car, it was more like brush against the front of Vettel’s left wheel. I laughed when I saw that Kimi would be investigated after the race. What a joke. Kimi had a great start, and he did it well – he’s never had a reputation for overly aggressive and unsafe driving. He did great today. Same goes for Hamilton! He did a brilliant job today, he deserves this win.Poor Alonso – from no fault of his own his race was over! Renault must be really annoyed with their pit crew who stuffed up – they must’ve been in a panic, it happens.So guys…hope you all enjoy the rest of the 3 week break till the next race now! I sure will! 🙂 Don’t forget to keep checking this site today, more pics will be uploaded and so will further quotes from Kimi and the team.x


  8. Cheer Kimi and to all the team of Ferrari for this second place… Considering the context of the accident of Felipe Massa, this podium is an exploit, even if Kimi could have won this race… It’s true that his piloting techniques are excellent… and we can say it: Kimi is a Genius of the Piloting…


  9. Well done and big congratulations to Kimi guys! Thank God he made it this time, i was so happy for him! Lets hope next race he manage to finish first because he deserves it! Hope Felipe to get better as soon as possible also!


  10. do you guys have the video or a site to watch the press conference ? thnks


  11. Hi to everyone, amazing to see Kimi on the podium once again this season. He deserves a lot of credit today because his car seems extremely difficult to drive throughout the race as he was always battling with his car. Very happy for him and hope all these rumours concerning his career in F1 stays quiet now and he has shown to everybody who was criticizing him that he is still an exceptional driver. hope that the FIA investigation will not threaten his podium.


  12. It’s the most exciting and brilliant race from Kimi despite the hick-up during the 2nd stint and the attack from Glock, he demonstrated his great driving skill. He deserved the podium and agreed with Evenstar that the car is no match to McLaren, but Kimi managed to bring some good points. I’m surprise to read the title news of Vettel blaming Kimi for his DNF. I thought his DNF was due to some smoke at the back of the car (which RBR hope will not happen to Webber) and not immediately after the contact. For sure Kimi didn’t expect Vettel to say this when Kimi didn’t even know that he hit someone as he mentioned in the pc. Like Trixie said, perhaps Vettel was asked to blame Kimi!!! Even Alex Yoong/Steve Slater commented that it is a normal racing accident which can happen to any drivers, but they also commented about consistencies with Webber’s DT penalty in Germany. Hmm…whatever the outcome is we as Kimi’s fans are happy to see him back at the podium again.Have a great break Kimi and Good luck on your Rally this weekend!


  13. Wow what a race!!! Kimi was sensational i’m so happy, a great reward after the bad first half of the season – looking forward to even better results in the future.Don’t really understand why Vettel blamed Kimi it wasn’t his fault at all…agree with u Trixie i think he was told to do so by his team hopefully the stewards won’t ruin our joy.I’m glad to hear from u Saima that BBC were for once fair with Kimi, in my country i can’t get BBC on my satellite network but even if i did wouldn’t watch it – their commentary sucks. Looking forward to the Hungary GP highlights and to see Kimi contest Rally Finland although i have a feeling Ferrari might ask him not to due to the current circumstances.Thank u Kimi for a great race after such a dramatic and sad weekend…i saw the video of Felipe’s family and wife (who was in tears), arriving to the airport i guess, and it broke my heart i wish him again a swift recovery.


  14. Brilliant race from Kimi!! i am really happy and proud of him! :-)sure we counted on his amazing start and he did it! but like Saima i hoped he could fight for victory! his second pit stop made him lose time ! pity! but he fought like a damn! and until the end! he never gives up! he deserves his podium, he got good points for the team! but Saima, i read he made the second fastest lap there http://www.f1-direct.com/news-f1/show_news.php?id_news=5120dunno but i am proud of him anyway!! that was an awesome race all in all! i enjoyed it very much even if it was a bit stressfull!Well done Kimi!!


  15. Ok, thanks Marilyne! But at the time when Kimi needed the pace to catch Lewis, he only managed 7th fastest time. He got the second fastest lap right at the end of the race I think.


  16. Feel relieved n much better now, the stewards have concluded that there was no good reason to penalise Kimi. However, i think its pretty severe to suspend Renault for the next GP


  17. Great start, great race for Kimi and Ferrari.Hope Felipe will be OK asap.Looking forward the video, Evenstar!Keep flying.


  18. woohooo! Big congrats to Kimi! so this is the third time Kimi got second place for hungarian race, fantastic!Kimi’s was off to a BRILLIANT start, and the first stint was cool….there was a lil bit of mess on the final pit stop, but kimi drove superbly before the final stop so he got some reasonable time from webber…he still could have close the gap between him and lewis, but honestly i dont think kimi could’ve got pass him, although we can clearly see that Kimi was on fire today!, coz the mclaren’s pace was quite great and they had a pretty smooth race…owh, i forgot to say, i’m DELIGHTED! really happy to see kimi back on the podium, only it would have been better if he had won! happy to see him on the PC again and just hear his talk! i’m really proud of him!!!!!=)i can say i’m not surprised that they don’t penalise kimi, coz honestly i think there was no good reason to it coz he was just squeezing in between few cars, that’s racing. and renault suspended, that’s quite harsh…my prayers are for felipe and his family, hope he get well soon and come back in the pink of health!Lastly, have a great week ahead everybody and let’s give our little toast to Kimi!KEEP FLYING KIMI!!!!!=)


  19. ohh yeahh go iceman..=pi dint expect that kimi got the 2nd place but kimi drive fantastic in race and he earn it im so happy 2 see kimi back in podium..go kimi keep flying!!!!! for massa hope your ok m8 ..i just wonder if massa will not be back in the team next race it could be possible that shumi drive for ferrari?just my own thought lol.kimi and shumi side by side oh yeah what a match up..hehehe..=Pgo kimi!!!!!


  20. Well, Massa is not gonna get back soon. He crashed pretty badly and he had surgery, and it’s not one of the kind that you recover from. Plus, no one can tell at this stage if there’s really no brain damage. So I don’t expect him to race this year anymore. About Schumacher racing in Valencia? No way, that would be a stupid move from Ferrari as he has never been in this year’s car. As I said before, great race from Kimi, fighting with his car most of the weekend and never giving up. Brilliant drive really.Can’t wait to see what happens during the rally, hope he’ll be safe.


  21. waohoo..i never thought kimi can be too aggressive at the start..he really looks like a hunter.that really make me scared for a seconds.Go kimi.keep spirit and keep fighting.Hope he can win at least a race this year.


  22. hay! I am new and i am big fan of kimi. he drove great race. Well done kimi!!!!! he is the best!


  23. Hi Evenstar and others!Kimi had finally a great race. He might have had a possibility for win, if he could have overtaken Mark Webber before the first pit stop. According to Kimi, Ferrari car was not so good at the last corner and that’s why it was not possible to overtake Webber. After the second pit stop Kimi was able to match Hamilton’s pace, but nothing more. Anyway, very good drive from Kimi and hopefully those stupid rumours will end after this.In Finnish media nobody said that Vettel was blaming Kimi. Not even Vettel himself. Vettel said to Finnish media, that Kimi had his car sideways, which can happen, and hit him little bit. I think it was clearly a racing accident. I don’t think that Schumacher will drive in Valencia. He is afraid to drive with Kimi. Hopefully Felipe Massa will be ok soon. Now it looks, that he has no permanent injuries. Kimi will be rallying next weekend. Propably Kimi is at the moment coming to Finland. He will use Tuesday and Wednesday to make the pace notes for Finnish Rally.


  24. @ Pekka: actually Felipe’s doctor reported that the crash caused damage to his eye. Some also say that the first surgery saved his life, but I haven’t seen an "official report", and that the first surgery was to lift the pressure in the brain caused by the crashhere you have the article http://www.planetf1.com/story/0,18954,3213_5456220,00.htmlI hope he’ll be alright but I’m worried about his eye


  25. Hey all – from the interviews I’ve seen, Vettel’s comment on the incident was very factual and it didn’t look like he was pointing the finger at Kimi (after all the two of them are friends, aren’t they? 😉 ). Methinks its just the papers making up sensational headlines. And yes, I hope he’ll shut the rumour-mongers up with another podium in Valencia.Fingers crossed for poor Felipe – I read about Kimi going to see him after the race – that’s sweet!!


  26. I was in Ohrid on vacation,haven t wach the race but you give as the pleasure to wach the next race.Second place,good result.I hope that Michail Schumacher will not bring you bad luck.GOOD LUCK KIMI


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