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Kimi Fastest On Final Day Despite KERS Scare

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Kimi Raikkonen’s last day
of testing at the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain was extremely troubled. At
the start everything seemed to go well, when he did several stints to
check the different set ups. Just after 11:30am the car started to have
a problem with the KERS’ cooling circuit and the Finnish driver had to
come to the box. Until then Kimi had driven 40 laps, the fastest in a
time of 1.33.108.

The stop to repair the KERS took more than three hours: just after
3pm, the first lap was driven at 3:20pm, Kimi came back on the track.
Nevertheless there was one positive aspect, as the Team was able to
experiment with an emergency in case of a KERS failure.

During the winter break lots of analytic work was done and the Team
has been profoundly trained as far as the KERS is concerned. This
knowledge could be used today. The team followed all procedures in a
rigorous and precise way, but especially under absolute safety.

Obviously Kimi and everybody else at the Ferrari box at Sakhir and
at the Gestione Sportiva in Maranello would have preferred to stay out
on the track, but this unexpected incident was a useful experience for
the future.

Just after the car was back on the track another unexpected event
occurred, two dogs decided to go for a walk on the track and the
stewards had to get out the red flag until the dogs were caught.

The last part of the day Kimi dedicated to race simulations with a
series of quite long stints and pit stops with refuelling. Like
yesterday also today the session ended with start simulations from the

The Finn from Ferrari was the fastest on the track. Kimi drove his
fastest lap in a time of 1.32.108, followed by Trulli (Toyota) in
1.32.230 and Klien (BMW), third in 1.32.585. Meanwhile the Italian
Trulli drove more laps than his colleagues (149), while Kimi, despite
the KERS problem, drove 107, three more than Heidfeld.

"Until today the car’s development went well, although we were
mainly concentrating on its behaviour and the tyres," Kimi said at the
end of the day.

"Today we had a problem with the cooling system of the KERS, but
these things can happen during the tests. Anyway we drove many laps.
The whole car improved during these tests, but it’s still too early to
say where we are compared to our competitors. I think we have to wait
until Melbourne for that. Today was the first time I could get close to
a car in front of me; but I wasn’t close enough to understand if the
new aerodynamics really make overtaking easier."

The Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro will proceed its tests tomorrow with Felipe Massa.

Today’s times:

Pos  Driver        Team                      Time      Laps
1. Raikkonen Ferrari (B) 1:32.102 103
2. Trulli Toyota (B) 1:32.230 149
3. Heidfeld BMW-Sauber (B) 1:32.585 104 scared the life out of me when I first read’s headline which is "Raikkonen tops test despite KERS Scare". I thought he might have been hurt. I am so relieved it wasn’t as serious as I thought. Yet, I remain wary of this KERS and am not too optimistic about what could happen in an accident during practise, qualifying or the race. Anyway, it’s great that Kimi still managed to cover plenty of mileage on his final day despite the negatives today and that the team had this experience to resolve any issues that may arise throughout the season. And it was interesting to hear what Kimi said about being close behind another car for the first time with the F60 and it’s new aerodynamics. Obviously, we have to wait another month to really see what it’ll be like! Keep Flying Kimi! God Speed!

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