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Massa Appreciates Teammate Kimi weighs in on McLaren battle

Felipe Massa admits the ongoing intra-team battle at McLaren has
made him appreciate more his own relationship with Kimi Raikkonen.

On top of their Stepneygate problems, McLaren have to sort out their
two drivers as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso’s relationship hit
breaking point at last weekend’s Hungarian GP due to their qualifying

Hamilton ignored team orders telling him to let Alonso through on the
track at the start of Saturday’s final qualifying segment and then
Alonso held up Hamilton in the pits for 10 seconds, preventing the
rookie from taking pole position.

The two drivers were not
talking to each other after the race with team boss Ron Dennis
admitting that there is a "tremendous amount of tension within the

As for Massa’s opinion on the matter, he says: "War begins when harmony ends."

though, is not something Ferrari have to worry about as Massa revealed
that, while himself and Raikkonen are not friends, they do have a great
working relationship.

"I’m fortunate to be in a team where I have
no problems with my team-mate – I’ve never had team-mate issues in my
entire career," the Brazilian said.

"I can’t say Kimi and I are friends, but we’re both professionals trying to help the team to win."

It’s unfortunate that Kimi and Massa aren’t higher up in the world championship points standing, however it’s quite clear they can stand their ground when the going gets tough on track and eventually leading into the team. Felipe Massa stated in an interview from the recent F1Racing magazine issue that Kimi is a fair driver who is not selfish and does not only think of himself. Massa also said Kimi is not political and not interested to be involved with off-track squabbles. Though, they are hardly squabbles, such as McLaren’s ongoing court case with Ferrari, but it’s a good point. Massa gives us a pretty suitable and straightforward description of Kimi – "He is just focused to


Treasured Shots – Part Two

Olympics – Summer Lovin’

In this second part of KRS’s Treasured Shots feature, Kimi enjoys the 2004 Olympics held in Athens, Greece. From posing cheekily in the ancient surroundings of Athens to relaxing to a good game of ice hockey, Kimi loved the event and we have these pictures to treasure him having a good time. He definatly will be enjoying his summer break before we head to the Grand Prix of Turkey!