F1Racing Mag: The Iceman Speaks


I was really excited to see this issue arrive. It has two articles on Kimi, one written by James Roberts during the pre-season testing and the other by Andrew Benson ‘investigating’ whether ‘Kimi is a true great’. Needless to say, the latter is no question for me. He is an F1 great because at the end of the day, he is the fastest of them all in my humble opinion. For me, it’s as simple as this – Pinnacle of motorsport; Formula 1. Pinnacle of speed?; Kimi Raikkonen.

Roberts’ feature was enjoyable as it interviews Kimi and reveals some funny things like new Ferrari team principle Arrivabene finding Kimi on the floor and not sure why! But there was a point to it and no alcohol was involved; Kimi was watching the SF15T being worked on. A happy sounding Kimi made this interview a pleasure to read.

The second feature by Benson was poorly written for an F1 magazine charging £5 per issue. Disappointed in F1 Racing for not having another writer to do this feature such as Peter Windsor (who knows what he’s talking about and hasn’t got his head up Alonso’s butt!). But if you want to waste 10 minutes reading it as I wasted scanning it, go ahead.

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F1 Mastermind: Quiz yourself on Kimi’s career


I haven’t actually quizzed myself in a long time regarding Kimi’s career, so I gave it go on the camera :) No cheating either! How did you do?

Kimi ready for 2015 season opener

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11051908_10152733386576319_529568347379370865_n_KRSFor a Formula 1 team, taking part in the Australian Grand Prix is like the first night for a theatre company: there’s tension, adrenalin, a great desire to get on with it, but also a lot of aspects that need checking. It’s with this determination and the realisation that testing is now over, that Sebastian and Kimi are preparing for their weekend in Albert Park.

Kimi Raikkonen is pleased with the work done this winter: “I’ve known the team for a few years now, but I have to say, this year the atmosphere is very good, the people are happy and are working together in a very close-knit way. I think that’s a good sign and on top of that, it seems that a good car has been produced over the winter period. Now the time’s come to go racing, which is when we will really understand where we are.”

Raikkonen has great memories of Melbourne: he won here twice, the first in 2007 at the start of his time with Scuderia Ferrari. “It’s a good place to start, even if it’s a long way for everyone. The journey is long, but once here, it’s nice to be in Melbourne. Usually the weather is nice and there’s a good atmosphere around us.”

Kimi is therefore ready to give it his best shot: “I think that compared with last year, we have done a great job as a team. We are pleased with what we achieved over the winter and with the level of competitiveness that we expect to have reached, even if we will have to wait until we’re on track to get the real verdict. Anyhow, we will continue to push to improve all the time. I am confident that we will manage to achieve the results we deserve and want.”

For Sebastian Vettel, this is also his debut with Scuderia Ferrari and a return to the number 5 with which he won his first world title. “Over the winter, we managed to complete the majority of the programme we had set ourselves,” said the German. “Now it’s time to take to the track in Australia and see just how competitive we are. The Melbourne track is very nice, but being made up of public roads it’s very difficult, because the surface is very bumpy and therefore very tricky.”

It’s usually said that Albert Park is unique on the calendar because of its characteristics, something Sebastian agrees with: “Because of the uneven surface, in Australia you need to opt for a softer configuration to the one you’d use at many other circuits, because you have to try and absorb the car’s jumps as much as possible. On top of that, it’s the first race of the season and it will be difficult for everyone to work out the perfect set-up and the best way to fine tune the car, because everything is still quite new. However, this is all part of the challenge. That’s why we go testing in the winter, so as to get to the track as well prepared as possible.” [Source:]



Video: Kimi Raikkonen “CODE RED” 2014 Review

Kimi Raikkonen - Code Red.mp4_snapshot_03.33_[2015.03.03_18.51.02]

Kimi Raikkonen - Code Red.mp4_snapshot_03.33_[2015.03.03_18.51.02]

There’s been enough talk about Kimi’s return to Ferrari. I hope you enjoy this season review edit, I decided to make it only a few days ago so it’s shorter than previous reviews (big thanks to those who helped me get footage last minute). It also ncludes a little precap to the 2015 season which, by the looks of winter testing, Kimi will be able to fight rivals rather than his machine. Fingers crossed! Keep Flying Kimi! Please give a thumbs up, I worked day and night to get it ready before Melbourne lol

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Barcelona Test 2 – Day 1 Results


Formula One Testing, Barcelona


Circuit: Montmelò circuit – 4.655 km
Driver: Kimi Raikkonen
Car: Ferrari SF15-T
Weather: Air temperature 8/14 °C, track temperature 10/13. Cloudy.
Laps/Km completed: 80/372
Fastest time: 1:26.327
Tyres used: Soft, Medium, Hard.
Programme: Set-up analysis, practice starts and pit-stop test.

Kimi Raikkonen: “We learned something today, even with a few issues which I am sure we can fix. The car is not too bad overall, but there are some areas where we want to improve, especially when it get tricky with the conditions that we are experiencing and cause the tyres notto work the same way from one lap to another. Now we have another day of testing to put together what we have learned. In a few days in Melbourne we will find out where we really are”.

James Allison: “This wasn’t an easy day for us as we spent time chasing our tails on an annoying reliability problems which by the end of the day we managed to put to bed, but that interrupted our programmes for the day quite considerably. Now we can put what we learn today in place for tomorrow so to have a day much more like we want to have”.

Final times:

Pos Driver Car Time Gap Laps
1 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 1m23.500s 103
2 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari 1m24.276s 0.776s 122
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m24.881s 1.381s 48
4 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/Renault 1m25.947s 2.447s 75
5 Romain Grosjean Lotus/Mercedes 1m26.177s 2.677s 75
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m26.327s 2.827s 80
7 Carlos Sainz Jr. Toro Rosso/Renault 1m26.962s 3.462s 86
8 Jenson Button McLaren/Honda 1m31.479s 7.979s 7

The final test session of the winter got underway today, for Scuderia Ferrari and the other teams at the circuit. Kimi Raikkonen is at the wheel of the SF15-T and his programme features various simulation tasks, relating to set-up, as well as fuel loads, doing runs of various lengths. This morning’s work was slightly affected by the unpredictable weather, with rain beginning to fall persistently, before the lunch break. (


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