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It’s no big news that Shell are avid fans of Kimi Raikkonen since 2007. They also paid tribute to him after he announced he was leaving Ferrari by this video titled “Thank you Kimi“. Now they are offering fans an exclusive chance to meet the man himself at the Belgian Grand Prix this year, to enter simply watch the video!

Want to meet Kimi Raikkonen and go behind-the-scenes at the 2014 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix? For your chance to win a VIP F1 experience simply share your car passion at or go to Twitter or Instagram and tag a photo or video with #mycar

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Wrangler photoshoot with Harley-Heaven



Not only has Kimi been busy in Maranello, he has other sponsor duties – here is his latest behind-the-scenes photoshoot with Harley-Heaven motorcycles, as part of his ambassador role for the Wrangler-Europe franchise.

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Kimi Räikkönen has been named the face of Wrangler’s fall Denim Performance line — the first male spokesperson for Wrangler Europe.

It is a premiere, at least for Europe. For the first time, Wrangler has donned itself a spokesperson in Europe. For the launch this spring of Denim Spa for women, the jeans manufacturer tapped Lizzy Jagger. For fall 2013 and the launch of Denim Performance, the brand will be represented by Kimi Räikkönen.

The choice is a natural — a Formula 1 driver representing a new line that combines fashion and functionality, outerwear in waterproof or breathable technical fabrics, storage pockets for phone, passport, etc. And Kimi Räikkönen from Finland, in his early thirties, is back in Formula One racing, where he finished third in the 2012 championship. For Wrangler, it is also especially obvious that Northern Europe is the most important region for its business. Germany is by far its largest market, followed by France and the United Kingdom.

Why Kimi Raikkonen for Wrangler Denim Performance?
Formula One is the definition of high performance. Only 20 guys in the world race these cars. Kimi Raikkonen is a champion racer, one of the most consistent performers on the circuit, and a sublime driver. His world is adrenaline and personal skill underpinned by genius technology. Wrangler is the adrenaline-fuelled jeans brand, with an exceptional denim heritage built on innovation, while Denim Performance blends technology with a stylish aesthetic. Kimi Raikkonen for Wrangler Denim Performance is the perfect fit.

Kimi has been busy in Maranello…


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Kimi with the LaFerrari

As Stefano Domenicali mentioned this morning in the interview he gave, Kimi Raikkonen is seen more and more often in Maranello, proof that he plans to get even more involved than in the past as he embarks on his second adventure with the Prancing Horse.

Today, Kimi’s schedule involved several meetings with the engineers to prepare the programme for the upcoming test sessions in Bahrain, as well as fine tuning his driving position in the cockpit of the F14 T.

This year’s race car was not the only Ferrari Kimi was keen to see close up and he ended the day having his first drive in a LaFerrari, the road car that represents the very essence of what makes the cars built in Maranello unique in the world. The Finn soon felt comfortable behind the wheel of the supercar, but there wasn’t enough time for him to test its performance on the Fiorano track. That will be for the next time, as Kimi feels ever more at home in Maranello!

Video: Kimi at the launch @00:47mins


Blundell Partners to sponsor Kimi

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MB Partners are proud to announce they will be representing the commercial rights for 2007 Formula One world champion, Kimi Räikkönen in collaboration with his management and advisors, Blundell having been a long time friend and some time on-track competitor of Steve Robertson.

Räikkönen returns to Ferrari (where he won the championship) this year to join Fernando Alonso for the first of two seasons. He left the team and F1 in 2009 for a career in the World Rally Championship, before heading back to F1 with Lotus in 2012. Räikkönen achieved Lotus F1’s first race win at the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and last year secured another victory and a further seven podiums, to finish fifth in the championship standings.

Former F1 driver himself, and now Founder and CEO of MB Partners, Mark Blundell is looking forward to the partnership; “I have known Kimi’s management and advisors for a very long time and as such, we are working closely together on behalf of Kimi. He is without a doubt one of the best F1 drivers on the grid and combined with Ferrari are a powerful commercial proposition.”

Video: Kimi training with Mark Blundell in 2005

Video: Kimi Raikkonen at burnYard, Hungary

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Lotus F1 Team driver Kimi Räikkönen will be part of a unique concoction of creativity at burn Yard Live on Friday July 26 2013. The ‘Iceman’ and champion skateboarder Rune Glifberg will exchange gifts as a symbolic gesture of creative collaboration, watched by a crowd of 2,000 revellers to mark the opening of burn Yard Live.

Imagine the most forward-thinking DJs collaborating with leading street artists, world-class action sports athletes and Lotus F1 Team drivers. This is burn Yard™; a new creative program from burn which is encouraging leading innovators from art, music and sport to collaborate and form a cross-culture collective. The burn Yard™ programme aims to nurture and inspire creative talent; providing a platform to showcase ground-breaking ideas to the world and inspire everyday creativity in everyone.



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Wrangler names Raikkonen as first European ambassador

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Kimi Räikkönen has been named the face of Wrangler’s fall Denim Performance line — the first male spokesperson for Wrangler Europe.

It is a premiere, at least for Europe. For the first time, Wrangler has donned itself a spokesperson in Europe. For the launch this spring of Denim Spa for women, the jeans manufacturer tapped Lizzy Jagger. For fall 2013 and the launch of Denim Performance, the brand will be represented by Kimi Räikkönen.

The choice is a natural — a Formula 1 driver representing a new line that combines fashion and functionality, outerwear in waterproof or breathable technical fabrics, storage pockets for phone, passport, etc. And Kimi Räikkönen from Finland, in his early thirties, is back in Formula One racing, where he finished third in the 2012 championship. For Wrangler, it is also especially obvious that Northern Europe is the most important region for its business. Germany is by far its largest market, followed by France and the United Kingdom.

“I like working with experts. I work with experts in motor racing. And Wrangler are experts in theworld of jeans.” – Kimi Raikkonen

What is Denim Performance?
Launching in FW13, Denim Performance is Wrangler’s new design platform for jeans and outerwear.
Functional and future-focused, Denim Performance revitalizes the details, fabrics and finishes of jeans,
shirts and jackets. The inspiration for Denim Performance came from a challenge – to improve the
functionality of jeans for the modern consumer.

Is Denim Performance FW13’s trend?
Protection is the FW13 theme, represented in water resistant fabrics, reinforced pockets, and smart
pocket solutions for mobile phone and passport. Denim Performance is Wrangler’s proprietary design
platform for men (the equivalent of Wrangler Denim Spa for women) and will continue in future
seasons, with a new theme or chapter each time.

Why Kimi Raikkonen for Wrangler Denim Performance?
Formula One is the definition of high performance. Only 20 guys in the world race these cars.
Kimi Raikkonen is a champion racer, one of the most consistent performers on the circuit, and a sublime
driver. His world is adrenaline and personal skill underpinned by genius technology.
Wrangler is the adrenaline-fuelled jeans brand, with an exceptional denim heritage built on innovation,
while Denim Performance blends technology with a stylish aesthetic. Kimi Raikkonen for Wrangler Denim
Performance is the perfect fit.

What else is new for FW13?
Greensboro is Wrangler’s “new standard” jeans fit. Named after the brand’s spiritual hometown in North
Carolina, Greensboro is regular-slim in the leg and regular in the rise – with a higher back than front – to
give a clean, contemporary look.

What’s the story with Wrangler’s outerwear?
Wrangler relaunches outerwear for FW13, investing in revitalized fabrics and details including waterproof
finishes and special pockets. Traditionally, Wrangler’s core goods have been “jeans, shirts, jackets”.
This motif is embroidered or stamped inside every coat to emphasize Wrangler’s commitment.
The relaunched outerwear collection includes waterproof parkas, a wool peacoat, field jackets and
reversible bombers. Functional and stylish, they look great with Wrangler’s iconic jeans and check or
chambray shirts.

What are the icon pieces in the Denim Performance line?
Greensboro jeans, Wrangler’s “new standard” fit, with pocketing solutions for passport & phone
in the water-resistant finish.
The Full-Function Bomber: reversible, water-resistant, packs into a travel pillow and hides a special
‘security’ pocket.
The Explorer Storm Parka: fully waterproof all-weather jacket with real down lining, smart pocket
for mobile phone, tablet, pocket and bottle-opener.

Video: Behind The Perfect Lap with Suremen


Suremen, official partner of the Lotus F1 Team release an exclusive behind-the-scenes interactive video that delves into the secrets, meticulous planning, rigorous physical training and cutting edge technology that combine to produce the perfect lap of the track.

Narrated by Suremen ambassador and former Sky Sports F1 presenter, Georgie Thompson, the unique video, which allows viewers to control what they watch, tells the story of how every member of the Lotus F1 Team plays a crucial role in delivering the perfect lap – from the pit crew who practice thousands of pit stops to save vital tenths-of-a-second, to the incredible five-days-a-week fitness regime, the mind blowing reaction times of Kimi and Romain and how the drivers communicate with the pit wall at speeds in excess of 200kph.

Viewers hear the secrets of the success behind the Lotus F1 Team’s incredible start to the season, which sees the team sitting third in the Constructors’ World Championship and drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean, placed second and seventh respectively in the Drivers’ World Championship.

The video follows the Lotus F1 Team E21 car racing around the circuit. At key points during the lap, viewers are invited to click on links, which allow them to access additional interview features with team members and the drivers themselves.

During these features, team members reveal exclusive details of the fitness trainers who prepare the drivers to handle incredible g-forces and have the reactions of a fighter pilot, to the huge financial investment in state-of-the-art technology to achieve victory. There is also a glimpse of how the team comes together in celebration when the perfect lap is performed and Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean find themselves on the podium.

Viewers hear from a range of key Lotus F1 Team personnel, including star driver Romain Grosjean, the man behind Romain’s vigorous training regime, David Thompson, and Race Team Manager Paul Seaby, who spends thousands of man hours looking to save priceless tenths-of-a-seconds during pit stops.


Win A Chance to Drive an Lotus F1 Team Car!

Suremen, official partner of the Lotus F1 Team is giving fans the chance to attempt their own perfect lap through its Formula Win competition – which will see people flying to the South of France to drive a Lotus F1 Team car. For information visit

Video: Raikkonen at the Burn Yard Live

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Kimi Raikkonen proved that driving is not his only talent on Thursday, when he tried his hand at spray painting as part of a Lotus team sponsor event in Barcelona. True, Raikkonen’s work may not yet make the Tate Modern, but for an amateur his skills were surprisingly impressive.

As part of the inaugural ‘burn yard live’, the Finn helped to ‘re-livery’ a Lotus race car under the guidance of world-renowned street artist, M-City. It was the first of a series of such workshops designed to bring together leading innovators from the worlds of youth art, music and sport.

Kimi Raikkonen: “It looks cool. And it fits perfectly with the team’s philosophy of being that extra bit creative. Would I like to race a car designed like this? To be honest, the livery or the colour is the least of my concerns. It has to be fast – that is all that matters.”

The location for Raikkonen’s master class was the regenerated Astilleros shipyards on the shores of Barcelona’s Mediterranean coast. But his artistic education will not stop there – future burn yard live events are planned for locations including Hungary, Korea and Brazil, with the former champion getting a lesson in a new field at each.



On Twitter:

Nothing but cool from the #Iceman #Kimi at #burnYard BCN #CatchTheBull #FuelYourFire @Lotus_F1Team

Is Kimi Raikkonen Banksy’s real identity?

Burn Yard Live

Lotus F1 Team Official Partner Burn to introduce exciting new event to the Formula 1 calendar by the name of ‘burn yard live’. On 9th May 2013, the event – the first in a series – will be taking place at the Astilleros shipyards on the shores of Barcelona’s Mediterranean coast. The event will see burn bring together a collective of leading innovators from the worlds of art, music and sport to create a groundbreaking fusion of youth culture. One of the key highlights of the event will see M-City – a street artist renowned globally for his giant monochrome murals – take an unusual canvas in the form of a Lotus F1 Team show car and apply a series of bespoke artwork live in front of an audience.

Q: How long is it going to take to create this artwork?

M-City: It will take me two and a half days to complete the car. At the end of the process, I’ve got a very special guest from Lotus F1 Team – driver Kimi Räikkönen – coming along to help me put the final piece of the design to the car. It will be really cool to collaborate with him.


Kimi launches new Renault Megane campaign



Lotus F1 Team driver Kimi Raikkonen stopped off in Paris today to launch the new Renault Mégane advertising campaign. In front of a crowd gathered at the prestigious Renault Atelier on the Champs-Elysées, the 2007 world champion unveiled the campaign titled ‘Iceman vs Fisherman’.

In the advert, developed by Renault and its agency Publicis Conseil, Kimi is pitted against a solitary fisherman:


The campaign was shot in Spain in early January. Kimi was selected from the Renault-powered drivers for his strong identity and the qualities he demonstrates on track, which are entirely in line with the values Renault will promote with the Mégane, namely dynamism, performance, rigour and quality.

The campaign will eventually be launched worldwide across print and TV media with teasers of the advert posted on digital media channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and several blog sites. Two teasers will also be run on Eurosport. The first TV advert will be shown on 4 March in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In a fiercely competitive market, the Mégane draws on Renault’s strongest economic and ecological advances. The Energy dCi110 engine has an impressive fuel consumption rate of 3,5L/100km, allowing a record driving distance. In parallel Renault will also push the Mégane’s youthful, masculine looks, sharp design and driving pleasure.

Prior to his Atelier appearance, Kimi also stopped off at Renault Sport F1’s headquarters in Viry-Châtillon to meet with staff building the RS27 V8 engine that will power his Lotus F1 Team chassis in this year’s FIA Formula One World Championship.


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Kimi finished 2nd in Race of Stars

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Kimi Räikkönen was the headline act at the ‘Race of Stars’ this weekend; a unique activity staged in Moscow, Russia where drivers take to a temporary track covered entirely with ice within Moscow’s Hippodrome.

Alongside fellow 2013 Formula 1 competitor Charles Pic, Kimi competed in races using specially adapted Renault Duster and Logan cars; the all-terrain, lightweight 4×4 vehicles from the French marque.

The Race of the Stars is one of the longest-running motorsports events staged in Russia, with 23 editions to date. The concept of the race is simple; all competing drivers [selected from various motorsport disciplines in Russia and beyond] take part in qualifying before being divided into four test groups. After four 15 minute semi-finals, the grand finale takes place with a three-loop sprint around the arena. The winner of this event was then pitted against Kimi and Charles to decide the ultimate victor.

Some of the biggest names in the discipline have competed in the event, including four-times Formula 1 World champion Alain Prost, Grand Prix winner David Coulthard and Kimi’s team-mate Romain Grosjean.

Kimi already has significant experience of driving on ice and not just from his days back in Finland, having competed in the FIA World Rally Championship for two seasons with entries into the Arctic and Sweden rallies in 2010 and 2011.

KR: “It was good to be back on an ice track after a while away. It made a change from Barcelona and my regular Formula 1 car! You need a very different driving style on ice; you have to be very smooth on the throttle and brakes and feed the steering in, but a small drift can also be pretty fun… I enjoyed it, particularly seeing so many fans out here.”

Autosport report:

Kimi Raikkonen and Charles Pic flew straight from Barcelona Formula 1 testing on Saturday to Moscow to be special guests in the Race of Stars ice event.

Za Rulem magazine’s ice racing event in a hippodrome, first held in 1978, attracts national drivers from many different disciplines.

Every year representatives from Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship are also invited, with previous guests including Sebastien Loeb, Alain Prost, David Coulthard and Vitaly Petrov.

Pic and Raikkonen started their day with a duel in Renault Dusters, where the Lotus driver’s rally experience showed as he led at first before slowing as Pic came through to win.

In the main progamme, former Lada World Touring Car driver Kirill Ladygin was declared the winner after Russian rallycross champion Dmitry Bragin’s exclusion due to missing headlights. It was a record fourth win for Ladygin.

The F1 guests then tried to beat Ladygin on his home ground. This proved impossible for Caterham man Pic, but Raikkonen pushed the Russian quite hard end even briefly overtook him at one point.

“We have a long history, Finland and Russia,” said Raikkonen. “It is nice to have fans from here and hopefully they will come when a race will be here [at Sochi].”

TurunSanomat article (Translation courtesy of Nicole)

Kimi Räikkönen and Charles Pic took part in Russian All Stars race as invited guests to race with Russian racing drivers on an ice-track in Moscow.

Although the visit on Saturday was a PR-event for Räikkönen and Pic, the Russian champions were racing seriously. Russian’s oldest car-magazine “Za Ruljom” (Behind the steering wheel) arranges this traditional race.

They also have a tradition of inviting international stars to Moscow. Because Renault sponsors the event they sent Räikkönen and Pic there.

Räikkönen and Pic drove VIP-guests and media reporters around the track in a small Renault Logan.

In between races the F1 drivers raced each other and Räikkönen was much more faster than Pic, as was expected too.

At the end of the event they arranged two super finals where each driver faced the winner of All Stars race, the champion of touring-racing Kirill Ladygin, in a duel.

Ladygin, who is a real professional, beat Pic easily but the situation with Räikkönen was completely different. Kimi battled until the end and was twice just about to overtake Ladygin. However the Russian pilot managed to maintain his position to the finish line and Kimi followed in second place.

After the race Ladygin confessed to the Russian media that the guests weren’t offered enough of time to practice and didn’t because of that know these cars as well as the Russian drivers.

Videos of Race of Stars event:

Moscow: Kimi Interview (Part 2)

Source: | Edited by KRS

Q: As far as we know your first experience of international performances in Russia – it was a long time ago when your career in motor racing was just beginning, and you were in karting competitions somewhere in St. Petersburg, which was then still called Leningrad. Do you remember those days?
KR: Yes, many years ago I did take part in winter kart race, and it was fun!

Q: Do you remember who else won, you or someone else?
KR: I do not remember. I did team competitions, and the cup of nations and individual races, but I do not remember the results…

Q: Let’s go back to the events of the more recent: How much difference is there to you between last year’s off-season and winter tests, which take place now?
KR: The difference, in fact, not so much: the team is the same, E21 can be compared with last year’s car, just that the tyres are slightly different. The only noticeable difference is that I know much better this team now.

Q: But it seems that this year, you are more confident of success?
KR: No, I have no more confidence than a year ago. I still do not know how things will develop, and what we can achieve. This will become clear only when to start the race. And it’s too early to judge.

Q: Last year your E20 was really fast on some tracks, but with others it coped worse. Now do you have a rough idea; waiting for a Lotus repetition of this situation, or the team have been able to solve last year’s weaknesses?
KR: I do not know. It is too early to say what will happen, because the tests do not run out. I hope everything will be fine, but if we are fast enough? This will become clear only during the races, but guess no special meaning. (more…)

Moscow: Kimi interview at Race of Stars (Part 1)

Source: | | Translated by KRS


Kimi Raikkonen attended the Race of Stars in Moscow today along with Caterham F1 driver Charles Pic. Below is the press conference interview of Kimi and Charles, discussing their visit to the Russian capital, racing on an ice surface at Central Moscow Hippodrome, and the upcoming season of Formula 1. I’ve edited the translation from Google therefore we have only Kimi’s answers for now…

Q: Mika, is it true that your first car was a Lada and he did not break?
Kimi Raikkonen: First – my name is Kimi, not Mika! (Laughs). Yes, my first car was a Lada, I got it from a friend and it worked very well. It was a good first car.

Q: How satisfied are you of the recent Formula 1 tests?
KR: They were good enough. We had some problems – not so much in terms of mechanical, but with the system of machines and other similar systems. It took time to fix them. We’ve made so many laps as they wanted, we must seek to improve, but overall things are going well.

Q: Have you had time to try out the car “Renault Duster”? How does the four-wheel drive on the icy road?
KR: It is a normal road car for this type of ice. Tires are also normal. Everything was normal.

Q: Kimi, you had the experience of racing in NASCAR, what was the most difficult part of this experience after Formula 1?
KR: NASCAR, or rally? NASCAR? Well, I spent a few races in the rally, some in NASCAR, I have the experience of racing in Formula 1. All these are different disciplines, I could not expect much in NASCAR, or rally. The rally is fun, but it is difficult. In NASCAR I enjoyed returning to the contact battle. On the part of the championship looks simple, but it is hard to go fast. And in any sport is difficult to get to a higher level. I had a good time, then I wanted to go back to the terminal struggle, and I decided to come back to Formula 1. Hopefully in the future I can go back there and try again, because I liked it, it’s a completely different experience.

Q: How difficult is it to adapt after a good asphalt Jerez and Barcelona to the ice cover here in Russia? Hard to get used to it so quickly?
KR: We’re here to have fun, and the tests we have serious work, so you can not compare two different things.

Q: Kimi, in the next month there will be the Australian Grand Prix. Do you think Lotus will fight for the victory?
KR: I do not know what others were doing, we only know about our work. So far so good. As I said, we would like to have done more laps, we had problems, but this is normal for testing. Hopefully we can fight for victory. I think we will be fighting in front, we should have a chance, and its up to us whether we can use it. Like last year, when we had a good car, it is necessary to squeeze the most of it, and then we’ll see.

Q: Kimi, can in a few words to describe the people working with you in Lotus?
KR: I know my engineer since McLaren. We worked together for five or six years, and we have a good working relationship. He knows how I work, and vice versa. For the past year, I know well the whole team, and it would be easier, because some things were quite new in the last season. Of course, if the job does not add up, then everything can go wrong, but I like the team and the relaxed atmosphere. They do a lot differently than other teams. We will try our best and try to win races. (more…)

Video: Kimi on a beach… What was he doing?

Source: @renault_live

Earlier this month after the Jerez tests, Kimi took to Costa Brava, Spain, for a new commerical photoshoot for Renault to be released on 4th March. Here is a sneak peek video at the commerical and an out-take:

Man: Holidays?

Kimi: No.

Man: Business?

Kimi: No.

Man: Friends?

Kimi: No.

Man: Why are you so far away from home?


Raikkonen unsuccessfully tries fishing:


Alpinestars join Lotus as team kit supplier



The world’s premier performance motorsport apparel and footwear company extends its involvement in Formula 1 by signing a multi-year partnership agreement with Lotus F1 Team.

Alpinestars will provide performance racing products and high-level technical support for two of Formula 1’s most exciting drivers; 2007 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen and rising star Romain Grosjean.

Lotus F1 Team’s test and reserve drivers – as well as the team’s mechanics and technical staff – will also benefit from Alpinestars technical expertise and support; both on track at Grands Prix and at Alpinestars’ product development facilities in Northern Italy and California.

Eric Boullier, Team Principal, Lotus F1 Team:
“Alpinestars is an internationally recognized and respected brand so it’s fantastic for the team to agree a partnership. The support and proactive approach that Alpinestars brings will benefit the team in many ways. I’m looking forward to seeing our drivers in their ultra-lightweight, safe and stylish new race attire alongside the ultra-lightweight, safe and stylish E21.”

Alpinestars’ race suits, gloves, shoes and technical under-layers are constructed from ultra-lightweight, cutting-edge materials, offering anatomically optimized fit with class-leading safety and protection. Designed to give a vital competitive advantage by reducing the extremes of physical stress and fatigue associated with competing in Formula 1, Alpinestars products incorporate the latest technological developments in the pursuit of championship-winning performance.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, having been established in 1963, Alpinestars has extensive R&D facilities in Europe and the USA delivering innovative products that offer world-class safety, performance and comfort. Once proven on track the technology is put into commercial production, giving Alpinestars customers access to the same products and performance benefits as the world’s top racers.

Having built its reputation in world championship motorcycle racing, Alpinestars’ involvement in auto racing began in the early 1990s and has expanded to include every major automotive racing series around the globe, from Formula 1 to NASCAR.

Beyond its technical racing apparel and footwear, Alpinestars also offers complete street fashion clothing collections, bringing an iconic brand steeped in motorsport heritage to the mainstream.

evenstarsays That’s one more sponsor Lotus have bagged thanks to Mr Raikkonen – Kimi has liked Alpinestar for years as his preferred race-suit manufacturer. It’s no surprise they’ve gained another sponsor because of Kimi. Infact, the Iceman wore Alpinestars by own choice even when he was at Ferrari despite their Puma partnership.

Lopez: Raikkonen’s bonus money resolved


Lotus F1 owner Gerard Lopez has blamed “angry” potential partners for spreading rumors about the team’s financial situation.

It had been rumored the Enstone-based squad, owned by Luxembourg businessman Lopez’s Genii investment company, was having trouble paying Kimi Raikkonen and the team’s 500 staff.

“We pay our bills on time just as well as the other teams,” Lopez is quoted by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“It (the source of the rumors) was probably some people talking who wanted to join us as partners and are angry now because nothing happened,” added Lopez.

Lopez admitted there was some truth to reports about Finn Raikkonen’s unpaid points bonus money.

“It’s been resolved,” he said. “We just didn’t expect him to get so many points, so it’s been quite expensive for us. We have agreed to a new payment system.

“But at the end it has paid off because we are getting more TV money. Kimi has his money,” Lopez insisted.

Lopez also hinted that, despite not yet confirming Romain Grosjean as Raikkonen’s 2013 teammate, the Frenchman will stay.

“We have put him under some pressure,” he said.

“The boy has sensational speed, but since he was punished for his crashes, he still has the handbrake on. I have told him to attack again.

“If he can get a better handle on it emotionally, he can achieve anything,” added Lopez.

Coca-Cola Burn brand to sponsor Lotus

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The Coca-Cola Company has confirmed it will sponsor the Lotus Formula 1 team through its Burn brand.

Burn will join an F1 grid that features increasing amounts of energy drink sponsorship by companies such as Red Bull, TNT and Monster.

“We are proud that The Coca-Cola Company [via Burn] has chosen Lotus F1 Team as the best vehicle to represent the burn brand in its most high profile partnership,” said team boss Eric Boullier.

“We are excited to partner with burn to build a new and innovative model for sponsorships that will combine experiences, content creation and social media.”

Burn said in a statement that it plans to incorporate “art and music in a way that will break the conventions of traditional F1 sponsorship”.

“We’re honoured to announce that we have joined the Lotus F1 team and are set to enter the world of Formula 1 racing.

The Lotus team is the number one emerging challenger in the sport and has demonstrated exceptional creativity in their approach to Formula 1. We indeed to foster that creativity by incorporating art and music in a way that will break the conventions of traditional F1 sponsorship.”

Now all Lotus need next is a deal with Magnum icecream…

Official: Kimi re-signs with Lotus for 2013

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Kimi Raikkonen has re-signed for Lotus, the team confirmed in a special promotional video on Monday morning.

The 2007 Formula 1 world champion, who returned to the sport at the beginning of this year after two seasons competing in the World Rally Championship, currently lies third in the 2012 drivers’ standings.

The 33-year-old had long been expected to remain with Lotus for a second season. The team had an option for 2013 based upon certain performance criteria being met, which it has achieved comfortably.

Despite not winning a race on his return, Raikkonen has impressed with six podium finishes and has attained remarkable consistency, scoring points in every race except the Chinese Grand Prix and completing every racing lap in 2012 so far.


Lotus and Kimi Raikkonen Press Statements

Better the Devil You Know – Kimi Räikkönen Confirmed for 2013

Lotus F1 Team is pleased to announce that Kimi Räikkönen will continue to drive for the team in 2013.

Kimi, who currently stands in third position in the FIA Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship, returned to the sport in 2012 after two seasons away and immediately showcased his pace, stepping on the podium six times so far this season – in Bahrain, twice in Spain (Barcelona and Valencia), Germany, Hungary and Belgium.

Kimi has already started giving his input on next year’s car, the E21, and will play an active role in the whole design process.

Kimi Räikkönen: “I think my return to Formula 1 has gone pretty well and the team has done a very good job all year so far. To be honest, I didn’t expect to be fighting for the Drivers’ Championship this season when you look at where the team was in 2011, so it has been great to be on the podium so many times and to score points on a regular basis. I feel very comfortable with Lotus F1 Team and we share the same philosophy of racing. Continuing with the team was an obvious choice for me and I’m looking forward to making another step forward together next year.”

Eric Boullier, Team Principal: “Kimi has made an exceptional comeback to Formula 1. From the first time he sat in the car this year it was clear he had lost none of his pace or technical feedback and we have been rewarded by a focused and motivated driver all season. For Lotus F1 Team to be fighting for such strong championship positions this year is in no small part attributed to Kimi’s talent and experience of racing. It was a natural conclusion for us to confirm that we will be harnessing his abilities for next season.”

What will Kimi do next: Makia Racing deal

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Makia is a Finnish clothing brand and have been sponsoring Kimi Raikkonen for nearly a year since returning to Formula 1. This video is was released on after the countdown ended.

Kimi is an official ambassador modelling for Makia Racing – a new clothing line, an Iceman inception. Congratulations!


Makia Racing

Finland has a long history in automobile racing. From rallying on frozen lakes to doing circles around the local grill stand, driving is in our DNA. We simply couldn’t run from our destiny any longer and so Makia Racing was born. Without limiting to any specific motorsport, it is our vision of racing inspired clothes that can be worn at all times, on or off the road. To give the project a little kickstart we went after the most talented and interesting driver on the planet, and now that the contract is signed, we are proud to present you MAKIA RACING.

Kimi’s birthday: join in the party!

To celebrate Kimi’s 33rd birthday this Wednesday, we’ve come up with the following trend on Twitter: #HappyBdayKimi

The trend is a universal one (for everyone, so please do not make another one) and it will start on 17th October worldwide, as early as possible.

Send a tweet with the hashtag #HappyBdayKimi with a photo (optional) and/or birthday wishes in English, Finnish and your mother tongue – to @Lotus_F1Team and to @JamesRobinsonF1 (because Kimi has no personal twitter account).

Let’s get #HappyBdayKimi trending worldwide for the Iceman’s 33rd birthday!

Many thanks for participating – and spread the word!

Iceman to Dark Knight at Silverstone

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Lotus F1 team is delighted to announce that it will join forces with The Dark Knight Rises – the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight motion picture trilogy – this weekend at Silverstone for the 2012 British Grand Prix.

To celebrate the partnership between Lotus F1 Team and The Dark Knight Rises at this weekends’ British Grand Prix both E20s – in addition to the team’s garage, driver helmets and overalls – will feature the film’s iconic logo throughout the Grand Prix weekend. The legendary Tumbler vehicle will also be performing an on-track display with the Lotus F1 Team car and drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean.

The display will take place on Thursday 5th July at 12pm on track at Silverstone (start/finish line) for Formula 1 accredited media, followed by a brief Q&A and photo call with both drivers, including the legendary motorcycle from the Dark Knight films, the Bat-Pod. For the remainder of the weekend, the Tumbler will be on show at the Sky display stand in the grounds of Silverstone.

Eric Boullier, Lotus F1 Team, Team Principal:
“This season we have been the dark horses in the championship fight, so this partnership with The Dark Knight Rises is a fantastic match. Our car, the E20, looks superb with the Batman branding and we are looking forward to seeing the reaction of our numerous fans when it takes to the Silverstone circuit this weekend. We are certainly hoping for an epic conclusion for The Dark Knight Rises E20 in the Grand Prix.”

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peak at the new movie, which will be released in UK cinemas from July 20th 2012:

Kimi at InterSolar show + pictures

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Lotus F1 Team driver Kimi Räikkönen made a special guest appearance at the InterSolar show in Munich on Thursday afternoon for a simulator driving session and award ceremony.

Appearing as a guest of Lotus F1 Team partner Trina Solar, Kimi was in attendance at Munich’s InterSolar trade show to help showcase the solar panel manufacturer’s partnership with the team. As the largest industry exhibition in Europe, InterSolar attracts more than 80,000 visitors over three days, with a large portion of that crowd heading over to the Trina Solar stand on Thursday afternoon to catch a glimpse of the 2007 World Champion.

The Finnish star kicked things off by attending a press conference alongside members of Trina Solar senior management, before taking centre stage in the Lotus F1 Team simulator. After completing three laps of the Silverstone circuit – typically setting the fastest lap of the day in the process – Kimi took on the role of presenter, awarding prizes to the fastest three drivers from a two-day competition run by Trina Solar for their registered installers.

The prize for third fastest was a Lotus F1 Team shirt signed by both Kimi and team-mate Romain Grosjean, with second fastest receiving a pair of tickets for the German Grand Prix and the winner a pair of Paddock Club passes for the same event. No doubt a somewhat different experience compared to his regular schedule, the event gave Kimi a fresh insight into the complexities of solar technology:

Kimi: “It’s interesting to be here with Trina Solar to see how they are using Formula 1 and to find out more about solar power. It can have really great benefits, as we can see with the team, and it’s something I’m actually personally interested in for the future.”

Mark Kingsley – Chief Commercial Officer of Trina Solar – was delighted to welcome the Finn to the event, and highlighted the close relationship with the team as a pioneering partnership within both the industry and sport:

“It’s been great having Kimi here with us today to showcase our partnership with Lotus F1 Team. As the first solar company to enter Formula 1 in 2010, we are leading the way in our industry with our joint activities with the team. We’re bringing tangible benefits to Enstone with initiatives such as our latest solar panel installation – which powers the team’s new simulator building – and our commitment to the Plant-for-the-Planet campaign.”

“Trina Solar is founded on innovation, quality, leadership and teamwork and we have found a like-minded strategic partner in Lotus F1 Team, with whom we also share a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.”

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Photos: Kimi introduces Canada GP

Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean took part in a special-guest event held by Lotus F1 Team in Montreal yesterday.

The Iceman went through a Q&A with the guests and talked through a track guide on the Circuit-Gilles Villeneuve. Later, Kimi signed autographs and posed for pictures.

As you can see from the pictures, Kimi looks in quite a talkative mood!

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Lotus & Linkin Park team up for Monaco


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Lotus F1 Team and Linkin Park have joined forces for the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix to create ‘Linkin Park GP’ – bringing together the adrenaline of Formula 1 and the passion of rock music in a ground breaking digital experience for the first time in history.

Featuring Linkin Park’s latest hit single ‘Burn it Down’ and Lotus F1 Team’s stunning E20 car, this unique, world-first creation celebrates the team’s 500th Formula 1 Grand Prix and the release of the band’s 5th studio album ‘Living Things’.

Once more illustrating the team’s innovative approach to promotion and communications, the app will be promoted to Linkin Park’s millions of fans – including 42 million Facebook ‘Likes’ and 850 million YouTube views – in addition to Lotus F1 Team’s dedicated social media followers. It will also benefit from Warner Bros Records’ and Universal Music Publishing’s support worldwide.

Made with direct input from the band, Linkin Park GP is a one of a kind driving, graphical and musical experience. The app is available on iTunes as a free download from Thursday 24th May 2012, coinciding with the band’s tour of Europe and the USA which starts the following day, and the release of their keenly anticipated new album ‘Living Things’ on June 26th.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

Angry Birds and Lotus join forces for Monaco


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Lotus F1 Team joins forces with a group of flying Finns (no, we’re not talking about Kimi!) to announce a unique partnership for the Monaco Grand Prix.

While Lotus F1 Team will contest its 500th Grand Prix in Monaco, the No.1 digital game in the world – Angry Birds – has just reached 1 billion downloads. As a result, both brands have decided to join forces to celebrate these respective milestones.

To commemorate this noteworthy occasion, Rovio’s famous game will become the team’s “Official Angry Partner”, represented by eye catching Angry Birds branding on Kimi Raikkonen’s and Romain Grosjean’s E20 cars.

In addition, a unique version of the Angry Birds game will be available exclusively from the team’s Official Facebook Fan Page for a limited period of time. ‘Lotus F1 Team Angry Birds’, specifically designed for the Monaco Grand Prix, will be playable from Wednesday May 23rd onwards.

A video teaser of the game:

About Rovio Entertainment:
Rovio is an industry-changing entertainment media company headquartered in Finland, and the creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game, became an international phenomenon within a few months of its release, and is now the number one paid app of all time. Following this success in mobile gaming, Angry Birds has expanded rapidly in entertainment, publishing, and licensing to become a beloved international brand.