How it’s made: Kimi’s racing helmet


Along with its owner, we went to discover how Kimi’s helmet was born, in the factory that Bell Helmets Racing has built a few meters from the entrance of the Al Sakhir circuit, in Bahrain.

The parts of pre-impregnated carbon fiber are cut into specific shapes before being placed in a shell mould.
Up to 40 pieces of carbon fibre are positioned very precisely in a female mould. This is called the “lamination” of the shell.
When lamination is completed, the shell goes into an oven at 150 °C under vacuum for 30 minutes. This is a shell coming out of the oven.

The opening for the visor, called the eyeport, and the excess of carbon in the lower part of the shell are cut with a jig saw.
Now the shell already looks like a real helmet… The technician will now position the shell in a jig, allowing him to precisely trim the 12 ventilation holes on the helmet.
To obtain homologation, the helmet must pass a series of tests including penetration. This test consists of a spike weighing 4kg being fired into the helmet at a speed of 10 meters per second. Bell uses a special machine for this kind of test, developed and built in-house.
The shell is being prepared for painting by being carefully hand sanded…
The shell receives a thin and smooth layer of clear coat, before being personalized into Kimi’s design.
The interior parts are now fitted inside the painted shell.
Finally, the transparent aerodynamic spoilers and the air intakes are glued onto the helmet, and here we are…
…ready to go!

Video: watch how it’s made!

First picture: Daddy Kimi with his family


Here is the first ‘public’ photograph of Kimi Raikkonen with his son Robin, which Minttu revealed via her blog today. Isn’t it adorable?! Robin is just over 2 months old now.


“We are getting used to this grey Finnish winter, which surprised us all after a few lovely spring days. I think it is great to be here except the weather could be better.  It is wonderful to see all the lovely people whom I miss so much when living abroad. 

Robin’s first flight went great! I was so excited that I could not sleep the night before at all. He was smiling all the time before he fell asleep in his daddy’s arms.” – Minttu.


“Daddy you so cool!”

Iceman and Robin



It is Friday – the day off for Kimi Räikkönen during the preseason testing – but, however, the Finnish star of Ferrari arrives to the paddock of Montmelo. You can read from his face he is in sunny mood and you can see everything is fine with the oldest driver of Formula One with 35 years of age.

Räikkönen arrives to have an interview with Turun Sanomat and he visited his fellow countrymen at Koiranen GP factory close to the circuit to see brand new Formula 4 cars of theirs, as well.

Exactly at the agreed time Nicoletta Baffoni, who is one Ferrari media serving people, leads Räikkönen to the interview at Ferrari motorhome. Let’s get down to the business.

Räikkönen became of a father of son Robin at January 27th.

While making an interview with Kimi in the autumn in Belgium, I asked, how it felt for him to become a father soon. Kimi sighed, he believed it won’t make his world go upside down.

How is it now? Has his world gone upside down?

“Well, it is such a new thing, that I have not been able to assimilate it fully, yet. Buy it is the greatest thing, and I presume there will be a lot more items for big joy to come. Of course, obviously, everything is brand new, and I have not been able to spend too much time at home, while we have been testing and working at the factory.”

“The main thing is, the boy is healthy, and the mother is healthy. The baby is still such a little, but for me it is the finest thing in the world, and I am so happy everything has gone so well.”

How different does it feel to race, while you are now a man with a bigger family?

“Well, we have not been racing so far,” Raikkonen corrects with a broad smile, “But, for sure, it will change quite a lot.”

(Pictures via MinttuVirtanenOfficial and her blog)

While Kimi’s brother Rami got his first son, their father Matti Räikkönen brought a small GO Kart car to the hospital as a gift. Now there is not anymore grandpa Räikkönen bringing gifts.

“But there is already a mini-size crossbike to the boy. Antti Pyrhönen, the team of boss of our Motocross team, sent me a picture immediately, what kind of bike they have got for the boy,” smiled Raikkonen, who himself started his driving career witt small crossbikes.

Räikkönen owns a motocross team IceOne Husqvarna Factory Team and they started their season with a double win in MXGP class of the world championship series.

The sons of the Finnish racing drivers have become racing drivers, as well. It looks like Räikkönen is not able to avoid such a tradition to go on?

“I do not have anything against what the boy wants to do. He can decide that himself, what he likes the most. Obviously, we are not going to push him to any direction. I just hope, he would not end up here in the paddock – well, let him be in the paddock to see the race as time goes by, but not in the way, I would need to come back here myself to help him as racing driver.”

“The time will tell, what it will be for him. As long as he is happy, and is doing what he wants, it is the main thing for us,” Räikkönen says.

Räikkönen has a contract with Ferrari for this year and the team has an option for him for 2016. Have you ever been thinking, what you will do then, while Formula One is over for good for you?

“Most likely I will just be with the family. I do not have much more in my mind. Actually I have not been thinking of it, but I think, it is enough for me.”

Could you leave all the driving just like that at once?

“For sure, I can do that, I do not have any huge inch to carry on this for long. It is not my lfe. My life at home is just a normal life. I do this as my job, I like it a lot, but it is not such a thing, I could not leave behind me while I feel time is right.”

At Ferrari Räikkönen gets to the season with a remarkably better starting positions compared to the bad last year.

How about the atmosphere inside the team? Is it like you have with Lotus while you started there?

“For sure the things here at Ferrari are now much better compated to – let us say – last year. It makes things easier for all of us. What is better now, well, I would say it is the way how we do work together to the same direction.”

Is Sebastien Vettel the team mate you have liked the most during your career?

“For sure, he is the one that I get along ín the best way of them all. It is difficult to say more right now. We have not been working together too much so far, we have not been talking or sending sms too much. We have been together only a few days so far. While we start to go racing, it is different. But I can say, it is such a nice thing, he is here.”

How about after the first qualifying in Melbourne? Who ever is ahead of each other, does it affect to your mutual relationship?

“I do not believe that. Obviously, we try our very best to beat each other every time, but for us the main thing is to help the team up there, where it really belongs.”

“It is a strong fact I am rather in this team, although I would be second or tenth than to get higher position somewehere else. There will be the day to come, we will win again! I would not change to anywhere else.”

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Kimi photoshoot for Wrangler Europe



These pictures were taken early last year but have been recently released on Wrangler’s website as part of his ambassador role for the Wrangler-Europe franchise.

I must add… He looks mighty fine in the Texas range.

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