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Video: Epilogue 2013 – The Iceman Returns

Since I made Prelude and the 2012 year review, Kimi Raikkonen’s 2013 season is continued in this video titled ‘Epilogue’. The Iceman’s comeback with Lotus in 2012 was great for Formula 1 and look at how time flies… It’s nearly 2014 already and perhaps the final chapter in Kimi’s career is about to begin with a return to the scene of his greatest glory, at Ferrari. But this video is ultimately about 2013 and my way of saying Happy Christmas to you guys.

Enjoy the movie! It was non-stop, day/night work I tell ya! Sit back and get your speakers ready but you might want to grab a drink/popcorn first as this is 11 minutes long!

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Video: The Iceman Returns – 2012 Review

Here the prelude of The Iceman Returns continues to complete the story – Kimi’s 2012 season review. Finally…! As I thought, it wasn’t easy but worth it. Happy New Year everyone :)

Remember to watch in HD (allow time for buffering)


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Chasing Dreams – Autumn Sunset
Hans Zimmer – Time (Orkidea’s Dream Mix)
Broning – Never Give Up

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Prelude – The Iceman Returns


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Video: Prelude – The Iceman Returns

Hi guys! As a little Christmas gift to you all, I have a new video! This is the introduction to my upcoming video The Iceman Returns, dedicated to Kimi Raikkonen’s F1 comeback. It tells his story after leaving F1, taking part in the WRC and NASCAR, then making a return to the pinnacle of motorsport successfully. It’s my interpretation and I’ve tried to make this video with a story to it :)

Hope you like it! The second part will be online a few days before 2013 arrives. Until then, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Remember to watch in HD!


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First State – Reach Me
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Updated: second part below

The Iceman Returns – 2012


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From the KRS Archive: 2009 Brazil Highlights

Hey you ice-soldiers, we’re approaching the end of the 2012 F1 season – didn’t that go fast?! I still couldn’t quite believe it when Kimi was confirmed returning to F1 with Lotus back in January. But here we are; 19 races down (most consecutive races completed by Kimi – new record!) and we head to the season finale in Brazil this weekend. Brazil has always produced some crazy races while deciding the drivers’ championship; we can never forget the miracle of ice-cool Kimi going against the odds and winning the title there with Ferrari in 2007. But it was in 2009, where the Iceman literally caught fire in a bizarre incident during the race. So, I fancied sharing this video of the 2009 Brazilian GP, enjoy!

Video: KRS 2012 Abu Dhabi Highlights

Here is my video of Kimi’s stunning performance at last weekend’s Abu Dhabi GP, including his team radio messages of course. Don’t forget to watch in HD mode. Enjoy!

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From the KRS Archive: 2009 Italy Highlights

Hey, I thought it’d be nice to look back on the 2009 Italian Grand Prix. It’s a special video for me personally, as Kimi had just won the previous race at Spa, his one and only victory in 2009, and we all had a feeling he’d be taking his last podium in F1 before leaving. The race at Monza was indeed Kimi’s last podium as a Ferrari driver and when the relationship at the Scuderia ended bitterly… Kimi always kept his character and honour intact. The Tifosi knew he was a legend and cheered him on as F1 was going to lose a very special driver to the WRC later that year. Enjoy this blast from the past!

{KRS 2009 13. Italy from Evenstar Saima on Vimeo.

Video: KRS 2012 Hungary GP Highlights

Hey guys! I hope you’ve all had a good break without F1, but let’s face it…we’re hopeless addicts! So I hope you enjoy my new video; highlights of Kimi’s 2012 Hungarian GP. He started 6th and finished 2nd, and showed the ‘old Kimi’ we’re more used to. I know it’s been quiet in the realm of KRS but it’s better late than never! We are so excited about the Belgian GP next weekend, where Kimi returns to his domain since last winning there in 2009, which was his fourth Spa victory in his career. Lotus and the Iceman are the favourites going into Spa…so DO NOT MISS IT – WATCH THIS SPACE! Keep flying!

Video Soundtracks:
Dinka – “Lotus” – Soundprank mix.
Orjan Nilsen – “Between the Rays” – original mix.

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Video: KRS 2012 Bahrain GP Highlights

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy my video review of Kimi’s race at the Bahrain GP. There was plenty of  coverage in Iceman-mode and to celebrate Kimi’s comeback in F1 I just had to do the video. Looking forward to the Spanish GP this weekend, hopefully we’re not too far from that win Kimi missed out on. Keep flying!

Video Soundtracks:
“Fantomah – original mix” by Bart Claessen.
“The Ones We Left Behind – original mix” by Tenishia.

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KRS Video: Kimi & Lotus 2012 preview

Hi everyone! We’re just a day away from the launch of Kimi’s machine, the Lotus E20. Earlier this evening I edited a little preview clip for the season using footage from Lotus’ fantastic videos, albeit not with the best of video software. It has been two years since I last made a video but I couldn’t resist any longer. Hope you like it anyway!

P.S It’s snowing here in London! Just in time for the Iceman’s car launch tomorrow, don’t miss it at

F1 GP Highlights: Abu Dhabi 2009 So… we’ve come to the end of the Kimi and Ferrari story. My very first ‘highlights’ video was indeed Kimi’s first race for Ferrari and ever since then I’ve kept telling the story through these videos. It’s been an amazing experience, although sometimes incredibly frustrating – I really hope you’ll enjoy this one as there was limited coverage of Kimi towards the end so I tried to make the best of what I had. But I won’t say it is ultimately the end of the videos, all depends on the next few days of course and when Kimi’s future is finally revealed to us. Coming up next month will be the season review video, and after 2008’s summary… you can only imagine what 2009’s will be like. If you’ve missed any of the 17 videos, you can sit back, relax and catch up with them here. Which has been your favourite video of the season? Let us know in the comments below!

Abu Dhabi wasn’t exactly the best circuit or weekend that Kimi’s had this year – it was agonising to watch. It wasn’t justice to the hard work Kimi had done all year. The awkward silence of Kimi’s departure in red resounded even deeper as the sun set on an era. But a new one is about to begin. I also want to say you guys have been the best fans for sticking with Kimi and putting up with so much this year and you all deserve this break as much as Kimi! And remember – don’t worry… keep flying!

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F1 GP Highlights: Brazil 2009 was yet another race to remember in our minds forever as Kimi fans, where he showed great consistency throughout a tricky and delayed qualifying and then drove an impeccable race to finish 6th despite the chaos that was bestowed upon him at the start. No one can ever doubt Kimi’s commitment and motivation now. He’ll be aiming to go out on a high in Abu Dhabi this weekend where he’ll race the scarlet Ferrari for the last time. The Kimi and Ferrari story is about to turn the final page…
Keep flying,

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Video SoundTrack: “Survival” by Way Out West feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn
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F1 GP Highlights: Japan 2009 We’re getting towards the very end of the season now, can you believe it? How fast time flies. Almost as fast as Kimi. Not even I were able to catch up and that’s why this video has arrived later than usual, sorry! The week at Japan began with the announcement of Ferrari hiring Alonso in 2010, Kimi will be leaving the team, and so forth. In the fan community were a lot of mixed emotions: anger and satisfaction, sadness and joy, resentment and relief. But what was Kimi really feeling? Anyway, he didn’t let anything bother him and typically drove a great race with 100% concentration and energy. Enjoy this recap video of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend. Remember, it’s Kimi’s 30th birthday this Saturday in Brazil on qualifying day and we’ve got to cheer him on more than ever!
Keep flying,

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Video SoundTracks: “The Scientist” by Coldplay | “BedShaped” by Keane

F1 GP Highlights: Singapore 2009 Okay, this video was rushed in today and whilst I was in the middle of editing, the Ferrari-Alonso deal was officially announced. Unfortunately, I had no time to get the video up before the news. So… I apologise for the not entirely 100% effort shown in the video from myself. It’s been Kimi-disturbia. Still, Kimi drove a good race at Singapore considering all the negatives and he’ll drive many more good races – with or without Ferrari. Enjoy the highlights.
Keep flying,

Size: 70.4MB | Duration: 13.30mins | Download via Mediafire
Video SoundTracks:“Crazy” by Seal | “Walking Away” by Craig David | “Just Be Good Mo Me” by SOS Band | “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve | “In My Place” by Coldplay is another video from Singapore that I made, and it’s a parody of all the rumour business and PR bullshit talk that we Kimi fans had to face last weekend. So, laugh it up guys! Yes, the editing is terrible but it’s part of the jokes okay! I hope you don’t hate or have to try too hard to understand my sense of humour… I definately need a break now! :P

Size: 16.25MB | Duration: 2.57mins | Download via Mediafire

F1 GP Highlights: Italy 2009 So we continued the momentum from Spa at Monza, where Kimi made it onto the podium for the fourth time in a row. And Kimi’s story at Ferrari takes a turn towards the end of 2009 – can he fight till the end of the season and maintain the team’s third place of the championship? Moreover, can he claim third place for himself in the driver’s title? Let’s see how he has been pushing and defending it, most recently at the Italian Grand Prix. The theme continues from Spa. Enjoy the video! (I did with my headphones, the first music track rocks!)
Keep flying,

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Video SoundTracks: Above & Beyond – Oceanic (Super8 & Tab Remix) | Gladiator Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard (and classic version) 

F1 GP Highlights: Belgium 2009 (plus King of Spa Desktop and Avatars!)

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Video SoundTracks: "Finished Symphony" – Hybrid | "Marine" – Aliens VS Predator videogame | "Lifeless" – Seventh | "Greece 2000" – Three Drives | "Out of the Blue" – System F (Ferry Corsten) | "Go" – Andy Hunter | "Oceanic" – Above & Beyond (Super8 & Tab remix) | "The Day After Tomorrow" – Harald Kloser

Special Thanks:
Kimi Raikkonen, Wenny, KRS Forumers

KRS Spa-Francorchamps 2009 Wallpaper

See wallpaper here

View over 50 Spa avatars here       

— Kimi Raikkonen Finland McLaren mercedes Lewis Hamilton Jenson Button Brawn Felipe Massa Giancarlo Fisichella Force India Podium Win KERS Overtake Eau Rouge Fast Ferrari Red Bull Sebastien Vettel Spa Belgium Francorchamps 2009 grand prix race highlights F1 evenstar saima space fansite

F1 GP Highlights: Europe 2009 This week we’re having two highlight videos, covering the back-to-back races at Valencia and Spa-Francorchamps of course! Beginning with Valencia, we go back to where Kimi scored a consecutive podium finish continuing his momentum from Hungary. The momentum he carried through to Belgium however was a heart-imploding, mind-blowing, butt-clenching, eye-candy thrill-ride. Please, wish me luck for that video – I’ll have to re-live it again so I need to be fitter than last Sunday. Until then, enjoy this video from Valencia. But it will probably seem rather bland compared to what we witnessed at Spa!
Keep flying,

Size: 62.03MB | Duration: 05.41mins | Download via Mediafire or Megaupload
Video SoundTrack: "U Write The Rules" by Young Parisians (DJ Tiesto)

F1 GP Highlights: Hungary 2009 The Hungary GP weekend was a strange one in general – Kimi’s teammate suffered a horrible accident, the official live timing/screen results weren’t working when Alonso took pole position, and then Kimi had to race without his teammate and the pressure was on to bring the team one good thing from Hungary at least. Now that the dust has settled, from realising the seriousness of Massa’s injury to the anti-climax of Michael Schumacher announced too soon of replacing him, and also the big event that Kimi took part in which was the WRC Rally Finland, let’s take a look at Hungary in this ten minute recap – it’ll be worth it! Before we head to Valencia, with test driver Luca Badoer confirmed as Massa’s replacement and Kimi’s new teammate, we should have all gathered by now this race was an exceptional performance by Kimi, despite it being distracted by the disappointing and sad situation for Massa. It was a bittersweet weekend, yet it was Kimi’s best result of the season so I hope you’ll like the contrasting mood themes, with the music, set in the video. Whatever happened around him, when it came to racing Kimi was on the limit and he didn’t let the negative of Massa’s accident and injury affect his performance. Maybe Kimi will get what he deserves soon. Victory!
Keep flying,
Size: 76.6MB | Duration: 09.55mins | Download via Mediafire or Megaupload
Video SoundTracks: "Saltwater" by Chicane (with Moya Brennan) | "Speed Demon" by Michael Jackson

F1 GP Highlights: Germany 2009 Good evening all! I was so frustrated and upset for Kimi after the German GP (again) that I considered not even making this video. Being busy with other things also played a part in deciding not to make the German or the forthcoming Hungary highlight videos. But no worries – I managed to pull myself together spontaneously this afternoon and quickly cooked up the video. And as a result of rushing this video off in the small free time I had, there’s a missing ingredient – pictures! So the video is made with video coverage only and it is also much shorter in length. I hope you will forgive me for not making it a complete video as I usually do but I’m just happy that there won’t be a gap in the 2009 KRS video collection (thanks to Wenny and TaniaS for providing the clips!) It’s not the first time that I’ve faltered in hope and motivation as a Kimi fan, but I do still believe Kimi will be making his comeback soon. And it might be at Hungary! So let’s look forward to that. Enjoy the video.
Keep flying,

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Music SoundTrack: "They Don’t Really Care About Us" by Michael Jackson | Watch music video on YouTube

F1 GP Highlights: Britain 2009 While we still wait on another long F1-break, for me it has been busy busy busy and hot hot hot! I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting too long, but I’m sure two weeks was pushing it! That was a long enough break so finally here is the highlight video from Silverstone. As I’m sure all of you have learnt of Michael Jackson’s passing away just over a week ago, I made this video in tribute to this man by using one of his best tracks – "Beat It". I love his music and was saddened by the news. I also think it’s quite fitting that it’s the British Grand Prix weekend video to dedicate to Michael Jackson, considering that he was to perform his big final concerts here in London. So, I really hope you will enjoy this British GP highlight video of 2009, whether you happen to be a Jackson fan or a Raikkonen fan, or even both. Kimi’s attitude is perfect in this video if you understand Michael Jackson’s lyrics. Long-time fans of Kimi will know what I mean!
Keep flying,

Size: 57.5MB | Duration: 07.23mins | Download via Mediafire or Megaupload
Music SoundTrack: "Beat It" by Michael Jackson | Watch music video on YouTube

They Told Him Don’t You Ever Come Around Here. Don’t Wanna See Your Face, You Better Disappear. The Fire’s In Their Eyes And Their Words Are Really Clear. So Beat It, Just Beat It

You Better Run, You Better Do What You Can. Don’t Wanna See No Blood, Don’t Be A Macho Man. You Wanna Be Tough, Better Do What You Can

So Beat It, But You Wanna Be Bad.

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It. No One Wants To Be Defeated. Show them How Funky Strong Is Your Fight. It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right. Just Beat It, Beat It. Just Beat It, Beat It. Just Beat It, Beat It. Just Beat It, Beat It

They’re Out To Get You, Better Leave While You Can. Don’t Wanna Be A Boy, You Wanna Be A Man. You Wanna Stay Alive, Better Do What You Can

So Beat It, Just Beat It. You Have To Show Them That You’re Really Not Scared. You’re Playin’ With Your Life, This Ain’t No Truth Or Dare. They’ll Kick You, Then They Beat You, Then They’ll Tell You It’s Fair. So Beat It, But You Wanna Be Bad.

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It. No One Wants To Be Defeated. Showin’ How Funky Strong Is Your Fight. It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right

F1 GP Highlights: Turkey 2009 Hi everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the break until F1 goes to Silverstone next weekend. I wish I was going to be there but I’ll have to miss it just like in 2008 (which I don’t regret – hahaha!). But I count myself very lucky to have been at the British GP in 2005, 2006 and 2007 – the Victorious Year. It would have been nice to have had a good result from Turkey but that’s racing for you; unfortunate situations and mistakes will always occur. For Kimi it’s business as usual, maintaining patience and keeping hope. He did outqualify Massa which is always a positive. But I wonder how much longer it will take for a team of Ferrari’s calibre to provide Kimi with a car that he is happy with. It’s been nearly 3 years already. So while we will wait and see which direction things will turn at Silverstone, here is the Turkish GP highlight video. This one didn’t take too long to make, as the race itself was quite boring and there wasn’t much coverage of Kimi (but many thanks go to Wenny and the guys at our forum for providing what was available). I took an unusual choice of music which I personally feel adds a more sinister and dramatic tone to the whole weekend. I don’t know, maybe each viewer will take their own meaning out of the video! I hope you’ll enjoy. Kimi will be back!
Keep flying,

Size: 67.5MB | Duration: 07.46mins | Download via Mediafire or Megaupload
Music Tracks: "Together We Will Live Forever" & "Death is The Road To Awe" – The Fountain; Soundtrack by Clint Mansell

F1 GP Highlights: Monaco 2009 Hello! After my little break away from home this week, I spent all day today working on this video – approximately 11 hours. I hope it’s worth waiting for, as last weekend at Monaco was good for Kimi. But just like Kimi felt disappointed with 3rd place, I also feel disappointed with this video as it was such a headache to finish. I’m not particularly happy with it; the video sound isn’t as smooth as I’d like for the trance tune which is really cool and summery and I suggest you download it from the link below (so for best listening please use headphones), nor is the quality of picture good in some parts. But I didn’t want to disappoint the fans who have waited for this. Having said that, I did try my best to make it worth the delay, even if I wish I did give it a miss. Kimi’s rally in Italy didn’t go too well either today – ARGH! The Turkish Grand Prix next week better bring some luck because we could do with some happier times. But we’ll keep striving…we’ll keep flying. I need to rest my wings (and eyes) right now though, haha!
Lots of love,

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Music Tracks: "Driving to Heaven" by DJ Tiesto – Mat Zo Remix (download) | "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode (download)

F1 GP Highlights: Spain 2009
It wasn’t what we were expecting but in Spain we found ourselves still baffled at the situation in the Ferrari camp. I don’t know what else to say about it now so I hope my video does all the talking.
Kimi did put in a great show on Sunday, no matter what some stupid idiots say. He proved that he didn’t give up after what happened in qualifying (or what didn’t happen rather) and he never will give up. So neither should we, as his fans. Just listen to what the man has said, below the video! We can hear him alright but it seems the media do not want to and rather continue making up their bullshit stories. I was a little bit confused with the soundtrack for this video, as I couldn’t decide between my mixed feelings so I used two contrasting songs. Something a little different for a change! Enjoy!

Size: 57.6MB | Duration: 07.47mins | Download via Mediafire or Megaupload
Music Tracks: "You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)" by Josh Groban (download) | "Find You’re Gone" by Wolfsheim (download)

Kimi: We Still Know How To Win

Kimi Raikkonen says he is confident that Ferrari has not lost the
ability to win races, and believes its current lack of results is just
a temporary situation.

Ferrari showed better pace in Spain after introducing a
comprehensive upgrade package, but only came away with sixth place for
Felipe Massa as the Brazilian ran low on fuel in the closing laps and
Raikkonen retired with a hydraulic issue.

Although the Finn had only started from 16th thanks to a strategic
error in qualifying, he felt Ferrari could take encouragement from the
Barcelona weekend.

"What is positive is that the car is stronger than before and we can
still improve it a lot," said Raikkonen. "We are getting where we want
to be which is fighting with the guys at the front and that is what we
are aiming for.

"We are taking the first step, so if we take something positive out
that is a good thing. Apart from that it was a difficult weekend for us
but hopefully we’ll get some better races. We have not been very lucky
with many things lately but at some point it will turn and we will be

He denied that the team had forgotten how to win races.

"We haven’t lost anything, it is the same people doing the same things as when we were winning. But we seem to make some mistakes and sometimes you make mistakes more easily when you push harder and try and get back.

"When you are winning it is always easy, you can always be safe with
certain things. For sure we could have done many things better this
year but we are learning from all the things and I am sure we can get
back at that level.

"It is just it seems to take an awful long time but it is not the
first time in racing that it happens. We know what we need to do, and
like I said at some point we will get it back and be where we want to

F1 GP Highlights: Bahrain 2009 Yes! Finally, a positive weekend for Kimi at Bahrain which put a smile on all our faces. Not so much on Kimi himself, because he knows he and the team can and should do better! But it was a great weekend anyway, as Kimi showed brilliant pace in qualifying and he drove his wheels off for those 3 points in the race. This video is slightly longer than the previous two, for obvious reasons, and I hope I captured as much of Kimi’s weekend as you fans would like. Special thanks go to Wenny for helping me out with getting nearly all the footage altogether. Enjoy!

Size: 60MB | Duration: 09.02mins | Download via Mediafire or Megaupload
Music Downloads: "Eternity" by Armin Van Buuren & DJ Tiesto (music video) | "I Feel You" by Schiller feat. Peter Heppner (video)

I feel you. In every stone. In every leaf of every tree you’ve ever grown. I feel you. In every thing. In every river that might flow. And every seed you might have sown. I feel you. In every stone. In every leaf of every tree. That you ever might have grown. I feel you. In every thing. In every river that might flow. And every seed you might have sown. I feel you. In every vein. In every beating of my heart. Each breath I take. I feel you. Anyway. In every tear that I might shed. And every word I’ve never said. I feel you. In every vein. In every beating of my heart. And every breath I’ll ever take. I feel you. Anyway. In every tear that I might shed. And every word I’ve never said. I feel you.

F1 GP Highlights: China 2009 I guess I know slightly what Kimi feels like when the races don’t get better for him – this video was again a bit of a nightmare to make! Corrupted files, laptop problems, runny nose, limited schedule and what not, which explains why it’s a bit late on the blog. But I was motivated enough to do it and give my best shot. I hope you’ll like it! Goodnight from me.

Size: 49.8MB | Duration: 05.21mins | Download via Mediafire or Megaupload
Music: ‘Sweet Sorrow’ by Ferry Corsten