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Kimi’s 2015 challenger launch at end of January

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Ferrari will launch its Formula 1 car on the Scuderia’s website and on its digital and social platforms on Friday 30 January.

In the lead up to that day, various updates will provide fans and the F1 world with additional information, to follow events in Maranello, including the name of the car, the precise time of the launch and other news.

At present there are no confirmed details regarding the name of the car, with the 2014 car having been called the F14 T following a fan vote. The team explained that it will release updates between now and the launch date, with the exact timing of the launch yet to be confirmed.

Ferrari will run the new car at the first pre-season test in Jerez from February 1-4, with Kimi Raikkonen being joined by Sebastian Vettel.

Car launches

January 21 - Force India (livery reveal only)
January 29 - McLaren
January 30 - Ferrari


February 1-4         Jerez
February 19-22       Barcelona
February 26-March 1  Barcelona

Kimi’s photograph for Zoom Charity auction

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Zoom is an innovative charity project in aid of the renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Each year, the drivers and team principals of every F1 team are asked to take a photograph of their chosen subject. Images range from Fernando Alonso’s podium shot of the Monza crowd to Nico Rosberg at the wheel of a 1938 W154 and Bernie Ecclestone’s view from his window in Switzerland.

The images are signed and auctioned by Coys at a star-studded annual gala event alongside cameras provided for Zoom by Nikon. These have been signed by some of the sport’s most famous world champions.

This is Kimi Raikkonen’s third photograph taken for the Zoom Auction (see his previous photos here and here)

Kimi Raikkonen: “These are my gloves ready for my return to Ferrari earlier this year. I would rather be in a Ferrari than any other team.”

Kimi’s Struggles

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The Zen of standing trackside in solitude during an F1 practice session opens a window to the reality below the surface froth of a grand prix weekend. It’s out here that the real stuff is happening – right in front of your eyes and in a way that no TV camera can capture. The camera loses the close-up detail as it pans back to give the background perspective. You need both the perspective and the detail to properly see yaw angles and the dynamics of the car, how and when it rotates into the turn, what the fine intricacy of its body language is – and a TV camera cannot give you both, only one or the other.

Stand there tuning into the movement and sound for long enough and differences between the cars and drivers become almost exaggerated, traits very clearly defined. At the most basic level in and out laps are easily distinguishable from attack laps, though on screen even that’s not obvious. Out on track, you can often even begin to identify which Ferrari or Red Bull it is from how it’s being driven, no need even to check the helmet or the colour-coded camera on the roll hoop.

Long run cars heavily-laden with fuel are visibly lazier and less accelerative than the light-footed responsiveness of those on a low fuel run. But that’s just basic stuff; for example, let’s watch how Fernando Alonso is overcoming the Ferrari’s gripless front end at Rivage, Spa’s slowish downhill right-hander near the top of the valley. He’s taking an aggressive amount of speed into the turn and braking hard, still on the brakes as he begins to turn the wheel but then releasing the left pedal quite sharply. As he does this, you see the car’s nose momentarily tuck in to the corner; he’s got the turn-in accomplished without losing too much time, by suddenly loading up the front tyres and inducing a response.

What would normally happen then, however, is that the fronts would become overwhelmed and the car would begin to understeer, but he gets around this by momentarily reducing the amount of lock applied, giving the front tyres a breather before they stall, getting on the throttle to rotate the car further and then re-applying the lock a moment later. Making at least two brief separate corners out of the turn, he goes through like this every lap, tricking the car, keeping it artificially unbalanced, constantly manipulating the weight between the four tyres. It’s not textbook style but is devastatingly effective in getting around this car’s limitations on this corner.

Kimi Rӓikkӧnen at the same place in the same car is driving like a normal human being. His approach speed is only slightly tamer and he keeps the front loaded up under braking to get that initial response from the tyres, but his turn in is more tentative and as he progressively releases the brakes the understeer builds regardless. He nibbles away on the steering wheel, waiting for the message that the speed has dropped enough to give the front tyres some bite and all the while the lap time is bleeding away right there in front of your eyes, his car visibly slower out of the bend. At other slow corners through the season it’s the same story; sometimes Kimi’s speed has fallen so much by the time the front has gripped that he triggers the car’s poor traction as he gets on the power to accelerate out of the corner at places where Alonso’s maintained enough momentum to get around the worst part of the power curve. (more…)

Season greetings from KRS



Ho ho ho… horrible season is behind us. But there were few good news; Kimi and Minttu’s baby on the way, Kimi is in F1 for at least another year (and he said 2016 is possible!), his best F1 buddy Vettel is partnering him at Ferrari and… that’s about it. Yep, not much to cheer about in 2014. But 2015 should, will be, a different story.

So wherever you guys are, I’m wishing you a peaceful and reflective time as 2014 comes to an end, also wishing all the best in your endeavours and persevere through your trials, as light is always at the end of the tunnel.

I came up with this picture because it sums up Kimi’s year pretty well – quite a stumble (of his hands and feet in the F14T, let’s say!)

Kind regards,
Evenstar Saima

p.s #ForzaJules.